Biz biz Merchant Brochure | How Does The Ubiz App Work For Merchants?

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<ul><li><p>THE WORLD AROUND YOU...WAITS FOR YOU!</p></li><li><p>UbiZ, a free global mobile application allows all members access to discounts, benefits and events near them in real time. The members are connected to other members using GPS and proximity technology. It allows them to share information, make recommendations and invite their friends to the shared collective experience live.</p></li><li><p>THE UbiZ MERCHANT EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS:</p><p>Permanent visibility: Your promotions are visible to all members, at all times.</p><p>Proximity and geographical coverage: UbiZ allows you to contact all the members in </p><p>your local area as well as connect you with worldwide members when you are personally recommended.</p><p>Advertise in real time: UbiZ instantly publishes advertising campaigns with your specials, discounts and promotions.</p><p>Optimization scheduling: UbiZ uniquely schedules your campaigns on an </p><p>hourly, daily or weekly basis.</p><p>Contact: Communicate with an unlimited number of your existing customers, wherever they are in the world. Get their attention without the hurdles of spam filters or promotional folders that email campaigns have to contend with. </p><p>Targeted marketing: UbiZ allows you to publish advertisements for each point of sale, pushing area specific communications targeted to individual groups.</p><p>Immediate results: UbiZ members will receive your unique ads, resulting in attracting an entirely new local market.</p></li><li><p>UBIZ CONNECTS YOU WITH...</p><p>YOUR EXISTING CUSTOMERS</p><p>ALL MEMBERS THAT HAVE BEEN REFERRED TO YOU</p><p>ANY MEMBER TRAVELLING THROUGH </p><p>YOUR LOCAL AREA</p><p>UbiZ IS THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE </p><p>COMMUNICATION AND ADVERTISING TOOL IN </p><p>HISTORY!</p></li><li><p>THE WORLD AROUND YOU, IS WAITING FOR YOUTO PUBLISH YOUR ADS IN UbiZ</p><p>Hundreds and potentially thousands of members near your place of business will discover your benefits, discounts and promotions. There are members nearby already waiting to hear from you with your offerings.</p><p>You can create and instantly broadcast </p><p>individual campaigns from each of your points of sale because UbiZ gives you the ability to control them from </p><p>your web based control panel. This functionality </p><p>allows you to individually measure the impact of </p><p>those individual campaigns.</p></li><li><p>Compatible with iPhone, iPad, tablets andsmartphones with Android operative system.</p><p>UbiZ, THE GLOBAL PLATFORM CONNECTING YOU WITH MEMBERS WORLDWIDE!</p><p>RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW!</p><p>WITH UbiZ YOU ARE ALWAYS VISIBLE AND CONNECTED IN REAL TIME.</p></li></ul>