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  • 1. Black and white E-Commerce

2. Short for social-local-mobileTakes 3 different marketing tactics Social Local (Search Engine Marketing) MobileCombines the 3 tactics into a strategy that drives continuous sales 3. According to (Devine, 2009) Darknet exploit the infrastructure of the Internet but stand apart from it. They use non-standard protocols and ports to create secure networks for groups of all kinds, from dissidents to illegal fire sharers, and from terrorists to anti-terrorists. 4. Solomo and Darknet both engage online merchant and customersThey could be really helpful in business especially in marketingThey differ in activities they involve and promoteThey also differ in their crowd of users 5. SOLOMODARKNETMainstream audienceAnonymous audienceLegal products and servicesMostly Illegal products and services Restaurant Spa Hitman services Salon Prohibited drugs Illegal fire sharingOpen InformationSecret Information 6. I think in the next two years, Solomo will continue to grow because aside from its strategic driving of sales, it is unique and has just been introduced to the market.I also see that it will undergo into more modifications as smart phone features rapidly evolve. 7. Darknet is not as viral as Solomo. However, I think its intriguing content would make a good publicity once the mainstream audience discovers it.I see its huge growth in the next two years. It will not stay hidden for a long time. More people will discover it eventually and it will spread like wildfire through word of mouth. 8. Devine, S. (2009). Computer Fraud & Security. Darknets, 2009(12). Retrieved from /pii/S1361372309701502Retrieved from media-live/photos/000/109/cache/hiddenface_10942_990x742.jpg