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Bluetooth Marketing - Case Study

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Bluetooth technology is now the latest medium for advertising and marketing for both, potential and existing customers.Bluetooth Marketing utilizes a layered approach to implementing various technologies & tactics to deliver content quickly and directly to the consumers’ mobile devices. Bluetooth Marketing is the process of pushing content to surrounding devices by utilizing the Bluetooth technology. In other words, if you have a mobile device in the proximity of a broadcasting unit, you would be able to receive the message or advertisement.

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  • Bluetooth technology is now the latest medium for advertising and marketing for both, potential and existing customers.
  • Applications range from shopping malls to tourist areas to sporting events and so much more!
  • The possibilities are truly limitless!
  • The following are merely a few examples of Bluetooth Marketing in the News... 3. Case Study In 2007, Nissan launched a Bluetooth marketing campaign to push the companys Qashquai 4. Case Study A number of British football clubs haveimplemented bluetooth-based marketing campaigns around their stadiums, on days when a match is scheduled to be played there. Spectators at any of these stadiums will receive club profiles, news and manager notes. 5. Case Study: HSBC is using Bluetooth technology to send messages to people walking by one of their London branches. 6. Case Study The Hard Rock Cafe sends passers by coupons through the use of Bluetooth Proximity Marketing 7. Case Study In Bangalore India, a Bluetooth-based campaignwas launched to promote the Chevrolet Spark LPG in a shopping mall. The campaign achieved close to 11,000 downloads in two days. 8. Case Study Pepsi launched a campaign, which is reportedly the USs first multi-network, multi-city Bluetooth marketing campaign. Locations included bus shelters and pay phone kiosks in cities such as Pittsburgh, Denver and Orange County. 9. Case Study Nike ran a Bluetooth Marketing campaign in Nike Town in London.Shoppers were invited to receive videos and other promotional multimedia content. 10. Contact Us Today Email:[email_address] Let New Rage Media revolutionize your marketing scheme!

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