Brand Republic: B2B with LinkedIn

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How can B2B companies leverage LinkedIn? This is my case study presentation on how CME Group uses LinkedIn as part of our communication strategy.

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2. * 3. CareersCompanyPage2007 20092008 2010 20132011 2012CMEGroupTVEMEAEnergyGrainsEquitiesFXRatesMetalsMedia* LinkedIn plays an important role Reaching China through Weibo A focus the last 18 months on images 4. * Our focus is to buildrelationships Private vs public groups? Have a goal 5. * Focus on your banner Provide daily updates Encourage employees to like, share 6. Promote your groups and company page Dont just talk about yourself and ask questions Its always about relationships (social currency) Maintain a consistent presence Identify and encourage your internal influencers Measure your success (and failure)* 7. @allanschoenbergwww.b2bvoices.com*