Burns and how to treat them

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Treatments for Burns using Grab-N-Go 72 Hour Kit products of The Ready Projects.


<ul><li> 1. BURNS AND HOW TO TREAT THEMWhether its from hot cooking utensils,smoldering irons, blistering fires, or even thescorching sun, I now that everyone has beenburned at least once in their lives. A sun burnfor example is the most common burn. Burnscan be incredibly painful andinconvenient. Weve all heard of victimssuffering first, second or third degree burns,although most people are not as familiar withthese terms.Thereadyproject.com Emergency Supplies </li> <li> 2. BURNS AND HOW TO TREAT THEMConsidering the recent onslaught of fires inour country, it made some of us here at TheReady Project wonder about fire andburns. Honestly I didnt know that muchabout them and how to treat them until I didsome research. Heres the basic informationthat you need to know in an emergencysituation.Thereadyproject.com Emergency Supplies </li> <li> 3. BURNS AND HOW TO TREAT THEMFirst Degree Burn A first degree burnis the least severe. It only burns thefirst layer of skin leaving it red andprobably a little sore. A sun burn is aprime example of a first degreeburn. These burns you can treatyourself and do not have to seekmedical attention.Thereadyproject.com Emergency Supplies </li> <li> 4. BURNS AND HOW TO TREAT THEM Treatment: Run burn under cool (not cold) water for 10-15 minutes until pain has subsided. Cover the burn with a band-aid or gauze. Apply doses of burn creams in increments until the burn has properly healed.Thereadyproject.com Emergency Supplies </li> <li> 5. BURNS AND HOW TO TREAT THEMSecond Degree Burn This burn penetratesthrough to the second layer of skin. It isslightly more severe than a first degreeburn. With this burn you can expect blisters,red splotchy skin, and often intensethrobbing pain. If you do not see blistersthen you can treat the burn yourself withsome Aloe Vera or burn ointment.Thereadyproject.com Emergency Supplies </li> <li> 6. BURNS AND HOW TO TREAT THEMTreatment: Run burn under cool (not cold)water for 10-15 minutes until pain hassubsided. Cover the burn with a band-aid orgauze. Apply doses of burn creams inincrements until the burn has properlyhealed. If there are blisters then you canseek medical attention to help remedy theburns. Do not burst blisters as this maycause greater risk of infection.Thereadyproject.com Emergency Supplies </li> <li> 7. BURNS AND HOW TO TREAT THEMThird Degree Burn A third degree burn isthe most intense and severe burn. You shouldseek medical attention immediately to helptreat the burn. A third degree burn hasburned through all three layers of skin andsometimes even continues on into the muscleand even the bone. You will see charred andblackened skin but the victim will probablyfeel no pain because the burn has donedamage to the nerves leaving no feeling.Thereadyproject.com Emergency Supplies </li> <li> 8. BURNS AND HOW TO TREAT THEMTreatment: Do not remove burned clothing unless it iscausing more burn damage to the victim. Do notimmerse large areas in cold or cool water as this maycause a large drop in temperature and victim mayexperience hypothermia. Do not cover burns in gauzewhich can put lint into the open wounds. Elevate theburned area above the heart. Cover the victims burns ina cool, sterile, damp cloth to help cool the burn. Usuallyin cases were the skin has been burned off the victimwill need a skin graph to help them heal.Thereadyproject.com Emergency Supplies </li> <li> 9. BURNS AND HOW TO TREAT THEM As you can see in the picture above, his skin has been burnt all the way to his joints and bone.Thereadyproject.com Emergency Supplies </li> <li> 10. BURNS AND HOW TO TREAT THEMOf course the best is to avoid any situationwhere you can potentially get burnt but thatis not always possible. Accidents happenand are sometimes inevitable. Follow theseguidelines if you every find yourself inan emergency situation. Stock up inyour food storage and emergency reserveswith some First Aid Kits to help any injuredpersons.Thereadyproject.com Emergency Supplies </li> </ul>