Business administration, human resources management and information technology best practice and principles in business

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The Best Practice and Principles In Three Subject That Every Company needs to Achieve Success

Information TechnologyBusiness AdministrationHuman Resources Management

AbstractThey are the main concepts of operation in a company. Business Administration, Human Resources Management and Information Technology are the hierarchical needs of any size company. It is important that companies understand Business Administration, Human Resources Management and Information Technology because each subject relate to the growth of the business. Companies and Customers have hierarchical needs. These needs must be met to achieve satisfaction and profits. Business Administration provides information related to different aspects of management. However, Human Resources Management provides information about the hierarchical needs of employees, managers, customers, quality and value of products or services, suppliers and other internal and external environment of the organization. On the other hand, Information Technology is telecommunication, innovation, and analytic.

Business AdministrationBusiness CreationFinancial Management Global Operations ManagementManagement Information SystemsMarketing ManagementBusiness Management

New Start UpsManaging Finances Managing the operationsManaging Information SystemsManaging Distribution Channels Managing Internal & External Business Affairs

Human Resources ManagementCaring For Human Needs

Providing Resources to Humans

Coaching Humans livesProviding Quality and Value To Humans livesSolving Human IssuesManaging the human needs of the companys internal and external environment for best practiceTraining and developing Humans for satisfaction and ProfitsProviding Information to achieve the goal of humans Providing quality and value resources to humansProviding information to meet the internal and external needs of the organizationMediation sessions in means of intervention in a dispute and resolve it and Mentor to human needs

Information TechnologyTelecommunication


AnalyticExchanging information by some type of video, cell phone , or Internet

New Ideas of Technology to exchange information Separating components of technology to understand the behavior and relationship for growth of the organization


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