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<p>Green and white abstract design template</p> <p>Business Impact: Mobile App</p> <p>by</p> <p>80% of mobile user time is from apps, 20% is from mobile browsers.</p> <p>(VentureBeat 2013)</p> <p>By 2015, 81% of U.S. Mobile phone users will have smartphones.</p> <p>(Goldman Sachs 2013)</p> <p>More than half of American adults own a smartphone.</p> <p>(Pew Research 2013)</p> <p>More than 75% of the smartphone market is Apple and Android.</p> <p>(comScore 2013)</p> <p>52% of smartphone users prefer receiving offers on their mobiles.</p> <p>(eConsultancy 2013)</p> <p>95% of mobile users use their devices for local search.</p> <p>(Nielsen 2013)</p> <p>9 out of 10 mobile phone searches result in a purchase or visit.</p> <p>(Nielsen 2013)</p> <p>75% of mobile users use their mobile device for shopping.</p> <p>(Nielsen 2013)</p> <p>Does your business have a mobile app?</p> <p></p>


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