Busting a Presentation Myth

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Takes a popular presentation myth and shows that it doesn't apply to most presentations.

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  • 1.Bustinga presentation mythJeanne Trojan@jmtcz

2. The myth says that in apresentation 3. body language accountsfor 55% 4. voice accounts for 38% 5. the words you useaccount for only 7% 6. In other words 7. 93% of the effectiveness of your presentationdepends on HOW you sayit! 8. REALLY?! 9. The author of this study was talking about 10. communication that isone-to-one and concernsemotions*This Communication Model was meant to apply only to face-to-face, one-to-one communications,containing an emotional or attitudinal element. Albert Mehrabian, author of study 11. How many presentationsdo you give one-to-one? 12. How many businesspresentations are aboutemotions? 13. You can give a presentationwith beautiful body language and a strong voice, but 14. if WHAT you say isntimportant to youraudience 15. they wont listen to you! 16. Forget this myth 17. Content matters! 18. Find out more: @jmtcz www.jmtcz.cz