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<ul><li><p> 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved. </p><p>Can you be Your Own Boss? </p><p>So youve been considering starting your own business. Are youre the right person to be your </p><p>own boss? Far too often, the only reason one doesnt give entrepreneurship a try is fear. </p><p>Building a dream into reality is exciting, challenging, time consuming, and frustrating. But at </p><p>the end of the day, if you are a good at what you do, youll make money, and thats how success </p><p>is measured in business. The number of business opportunities, online and offline are endless. </p><p>Being your own boss requires a certain type of personality. You must be: </p><p> Proactive We all dream of being our own boss, setting our own hours, but if you dont start </p><p>somewhere it will remain a pipe dream. A proactive entrepreneur, scouts out opportunities, </p><p>networks actively, and lives and breathes his business. </p><p> Persistent When you start something new it can include doubts, worries, and fears. Being </p><p>able to persevere and make tough business decisions is critical. </p><p> Personable To run a successful business you have to be able to interact with people. Most </p><p>successful entrepreneurs have great people skills. You need to treat your clients, colleagues, </p><p>and everyone you meet, respectfully and positively. </p><p> Highly Motivated To be successful you need to be motivated. Having ideas is one thing, </p><p>bringing those ideas to fruition is something else. You also must be able to complete projects </p><p>without supervision. You need to be driven and actually crave productivity. </p><p> Quality Conscious An entrepreneur must take the quality of his products and services </p><p>seriously. In this day and age of social networking, one satisfied client can bring in plenty </p><p>more. And this can only be achieved by establishing good processes. A successful </p><p>entrepreneur genuinely cares about his clients needs and makes all efforts to meet them. </p><p>While not everyone is meant to be self employed many are very successful. Its important to </p><p>match your interests, passions, and likes with the type of business you decide to start. </p></li><li><p> 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved. </p><p>Here are some resources you could check out if you do decide to strike it out on your own. </p><p>8 tips to get you going, even if you dont know where to start. </p><p>How to be your own boss. Fred Wilson offers 10 different ways to be your own boss in a </p><p>presentation he gave at the 99% Conference. </p><p>Why start your own business and what can you expect? </p><p>Before you strike out on your own, make a game plan and get your finances in order, then you </p><p>are ready to learn how to be your own boss. </p><p>What are you interested in? Where are your skills? Do you like to write? Can you design </p><p>websites? Perhaps you know several computer languages? Consider this when you are starting </p><p>your business. Take advantage of what you know and charge a fee for that knowledge. Theres </p><p>an opportunity for a business there. </p><p>FREE Time Tracking software at your fingertips. </p><p>When you are trying to decide whether you are the right person to be your own boss, take the </p><p>time to analyze yourself and be honest. Then youll have your answer. </p><p></p></li></ul>