Celebrate Chesterfield 2014

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Destination Chesterfield hosted their annual Celebrate Chesterfield event at the Proact Stadium in Chesterfield. The event celebrated business success and updated on major regeneration schemes.

Text of Celebrate Chesterfield 2014


2. WELCOME 3. WELCOME CELEBRAT E 4. LOOKING FORWARD 5. TOGETHER FOR CHESTERFIELD 6. HUW BOWEN CHIEF EXECUTIVE, CHESTERFIELD BOROUGH COUNCIL 7. WARM WELCOME 8. WARM WELCOME 9. WARM WELCOME 10. CELEBRATE CHESTERFIEL D 11. CELEBRATE CHESTERFIEL D 12. CELEBRATE CHESTERFIELD 13. CELEBRATE CHESTERFIELD 14. CELEBRATE CHESTERFIELD 15. CELEBRATE CHESTERFIELD 16. CULTURAL CHESTERFIEL D 17. CULTURAL CHESTERFIEL D 18. TOM JONES & PARTY AT THE PROACT 7th & 8th JUNE 19. CHESTERFIELD FESTIVAL OF CRICKET 6th - 13th JULY 20. CHESTERFIELD CARNIVAL 26th JULY 21. CHESTERFIELD MARATHON 14th SEPTEMBER 22. CHATSWORTH ROAD FESTIVAL 4th - 12th OCTOBER 23. INVEST IN CHESTERFIEL D 24. INVEST IN CHESTERFIEL D 25. CHESTERFIEL D MARKET HALL 26. RETAIL SUCCES S 27. NORTHERN GATEWAY 28. CHESTERFIEL D WATERSIDE 29. Housing Schemes NEW HOMES 30. MARKHAM VALE 31. PEAK RESOR T 32. FORMER TESCO SITE 33. A61 DERBY ROAD 34. EDUCATION INVESTMENT 35. QUEENS PARK 36. BUSINES S SUPPOR T 37. GROWTH 38. DC ROLFE LTD Innovative Precision Engineering & Plastic Injection Moulding Serving all Sectors of Industry TEL : 01246 473337 FAX: 01246 473164 www.dcrolfe.co.uk 39. WebsiteDCRolfehadneverhadone! Premises-Weneededmodern,largerpremises Machines-Allourmachineswereoldandtired.Weknewweneededtoinvestinnew technologytocompeteinthemarketplaceandaccessnewmarkets Recruitment-Westruggledtoemployskilledpeopleduetotheskillsgapthatwasobviousto somanyCompanies. Image-Weneededtoimproveourimage The Shopping List !The Shopping List ! 40. Unlocking Investment for Growth Unlocking investment for growth will be of interest to businesses with a substantial capital investment project that will create long term jobs but who cant quite raise all the finance to purchase the necessary fixed assets. 41. Securing a future Website Premises Machines Recruitment Image 42. Thank you so much for all your support !Paul Stuart- Chesterfield Borough Council James Boler Smith Craven Accountants Dominic Stevens Destination Chesterfield Mike Gulliford Business Doctors Ian Davies- Manufacturing Advisor Service (MAS) Harry Caldicott- Certax Accountants David Smith EMB Anna Melton In The Works PR Brenton Warren Growth Accelerator David Walsh - Sheffield Star Derbyshire Times Customers- Old & New 43. Chesterfield, UK FRANKE SISSONS LTD BUSINESS CASE STUDY 44. Franke, www.franke.com49 Founded in 1784 (Sheffield) as W&G Sissons Ltd Originally silversmiths One of the first companies in the world to make a sink from stainless steel in the 1930s Specialising in Commercial applications, Sissons set up a facility in Chesterfield in 1978 Large fire in 2006 destroys 2/3 of the manufacturing facility and equipment Newco rises from the ashes with Investment in new technology, robots, plant and lean manufacturing processes The company expanded in 2012 with the acquisition of a tap and valve company and in 2014 launched a new business W2S The Company employs 135 people, 85 based in Chesterfield and T/O 19M Today we are part of the Franke Group, Export to 22 countries and are the UK leader in washroom solutions Franke Sissons Ltd Timeline of the last 230 Years 45. Franke, www.franke.com50 COMMUNITY AND WHAT IT MEANS TO US 46. PRESENTATIONTITLE Working within the community 51 Donation of Stainless Steel Cupboards and Shelves for Housekeepers Room a project delivered by our apprentices! Donation of Stainless Steel Cupboards, shelves and Janitorial Unit for Cleaners Room a project delivered by our apprentices! 47. Franke, www.franke.com52 APPRENTICESHIPS 48. Franke, www.franke.com53 3 levels from 16yrs to 23yrs of age Trainee/Apprentice/Higher Apprentice Academic and on the job training Academic to Graduate level Mentors for each apprentice Partnering and working in community projects Projects with local schools Currently a sculpture with Parkside Currently 6 in the programme with plans for a further 4 Franke Sissons Apprenticeships 49. Franke, www.franke.com54 Training and development to your own standards and vision for the business Development of a talented and loyal workforce from the local area Training for the standards needed to fill future skills gaps A heap of youth enthusiasm and a fresh perspective on the business, as they often think outside the box and come up with creative ideas that challenge our thinkingcould we do this a new way Training the future leaders of the business Community projects helping the apprentices to understand social responsibilities Apprenticeships What do they bring/Where do they get involved? 50. Franke, www.franke.com55 WORKING TOGETHER 51. Franke, www.franke.com56 Promote the issues together An example being CE marking, new EU directives and its effects on manufacturing Manufacturing and Engineering Excellence Promote it, mentor it, develop an academy of cross skills Celebrate it! Local schools programme for Destination Chesterfield - Meadows and UCB/Franke and Parkside examples of bringing on the next generation Engage more local companies in service and supply requirements .we all benefit - more awareness of skills and services. We dont know enough about what we have! Our business community How we can work together 52. Franke, www.franke.com57 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION Franke Sissons Carrwood Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S41 9QB 53. DOM STEVENS DESTINATION CHESTERFIELD MANAGER 54. INCUBATION STREET INCUBATION STREET 55. CELEBRATE CHESTERFIEL D 56. CHESTERFIELD FOOD AND DRINK AWARDS 57. MADE IN CHESTERFIELD 58. MADE IN CHESTERFIEL D 10th 16th NOVEMBER 59. DESTINATION CHESTERFIELD 60. CHESTERFIELD QUESTION TIME CHESTERFIELD QUESTION TIME 61. COUNCILLOR JOHN BURROWS LEADER OF CHESTERFIELD BOROUGH COUNCIL 62. INVESTMENT 63. CHESTERFIELD CHAMPIONS 64. Champions COMMITTED TO CHESTERFIELD