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If you are looking for Charm Bracelets or any other particular gift item, then you can visit their website and easily find out your desired product within a short time period.


<ul><li><p>Main Menu</p><p> Products</p><p>Welcome To Dagicci</p><p> Product Categories</p><p>CharmsSterling Silver, Antique Silver Pewter and Antique Gold Pewter, Holiday Pewter Charms, Sterling CollegeCharms in a wide selection of categories. </p><p> Sterling Silver Charms AS &amp; AG Pewter Charms Holiday Charms Sterling College Charms </p><p>Accessible CharmsWe have Accessible Charms in Pewter - Antique Gold and Antique Silver in a wide selection of categories.These are ordered by email with a 25 minimum required. Discounts apply with the more you order. Youcan also use the website search with the item # or check our Pewter Charms pages to see if we have themin stock - therefore no minimum.</p><p>Charm HangersWe have Charm Hangers to hang your charms on Bracelets or Necklaces. </p><p>Charm Bracelets</p><p>Home</p><p>Search Our Site</p><p>New Arrivals</p><p>Charms - Pewter</p><p>Charms - Sterling Silver</p><p>Charms - Accessible</p><p>Charm Bracelets &amp; Necklaces</p><p>Charm Hangers</p><p>Jump &amp; Split Rings</p><p>Rosary Bracelets</p><p>Pendants</p><p>Pendant Watches</p><p>Ladies Designer Watches</p><p>Ladies Finger Watches</p><p>Specials</p><p>Clearance</p><p> Dagicci</p><p>Home Login / Create Shopping CartOur CompaniesCategoriesContact</p><p>Men's Accessories</p><p>Kid's Accessories</p><p>Ladies Designer Jewelry</p><p>Ladies Designer Accessories</p><p>Holiday Charms &amp; Jewelry</p><p>College Charms &amp; Jewelry</p><p>Floating &amp; Slide Charms - NEW</p><p>converted by</p></li><li><p> CompanyInformation</p><p>We are here for you.</p><p>Live Customer Service:1-843-832-5735</p><p>Business Hours:Monday to Friday</p><p>9:00AM to 4:30 PM (EST)</p><p>We answer all Emails.</p><p>New Products:Beautiful Necklaces intime for that SomeoneSpecial</p><p> Necklaces</p><p> Anklets &amp; Barefoot Sandals</p><p> And Check out More Styles too!</p><p>Scarf Necklaces - InStyle.... </p><p>Charm BraceletsWe have Charm Bracelets in Sterling Silver, Antique Silver Pewter and Antique Gold Pewter. </p><p>NEW!! - PendantsWe have Pendants in Pewter and Lampwork. Much More coming.............</p><p>Ladies Designer WatchesCheck out our selection of Designer Bangle Watches, Silicon, Marcasite, Euro Beaded Watches andChristmas Watches. Still more Come................ </p><p> Designer Bangle Silicon Marcasite Euro Beaded Christmas </p><p>Ladies Designer Accessories We have Ladies Designer Purses, Wallets, Key Chains, Compact Mirrors and Bracelets. (MoreComing................) </p><p>Our Companies</p><p>Contact</p><p>converted by</p></li><li><p>Check out Additions to NecklaceCollection. More Coming.....</p><p>Stainless Steel Men'sNecklaces</p><p> Beautiful Men's Stainless SteelNecklaces. </p><p>New Additions to ourCollege Collection Razorbacks &amp; Wildcats </p><p> LSU Tiger Football Earrings Don't see your College - Email us. </p><p>Current Promotions:</p><p>FREE Standard Postal SHIPPINGon orders $50+ for Online Orders </p><p>Only - Within the US.</p><p> Purses Wallets Key Chains Compact Mirrors Bracelets</p><p>Kid's AccessoriesWe have Kid's Accessories. Check out our selection of Kid's Watches, Kid's Charms and Kid's ZodiacCharms. (More Coming.............) </p><p> Kids Watches Kids Charms Kids Zodiac Charms </p><p>Men's AccessoriesWe now have Men's Watches. Still more categories to Come................</p><p>Specials and ClearanceCheck out our selection of Specials &amp; Clearance. Specials are reduced prices on regular stocked itemsmaking room for new inventory. Clearance are items are reduced prices on items that we will no longercarry. No Returns on Specials &amp; Clearance. (We've added over 130 items.) </p><p> You just never know what you will find on our Specials Page</p><p>Our Clearance Pages change every week - so take a peek and don't miss out</p><p>converted by</p></li><li><p>______________________________</p><p>Ok to combine orders with </p><p>- Just Email Us._____________________________</p><p>Subscribe to our E-mail Specials:</p><p>E-mail: </p><p>Submit</p><p>Sister Site:www.thevirtualtouch.comThis is our "Mother" website whichprimarily has Ribbon &amp; BeadingWatch Faces, Metal/Metalized Beadsand Spacers.</p><p>If you are purchasing from both -Dagicci and The Virtual Touch -please email us and we will combineyour orders to save you on shipping. </p><p>Like Us:</p><p>Follow Us:</p><p>Copyright 2010. Dagicci. All Rights Reserved.Home | Catalog | Terms and Policies | FAQs | Contact | About | Privacy | Sitemap</p><p>converted by</p></li></ul>