Community Management: Five Ways to Transform Your Community

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To build the strongest neighborhoods, homeowner association (HOA) board members must understand the value of proper community management. Every board grabbles with growing challenges like crime, foreclosures, lack of communication among neighbors and other things that place strains on community development. Through successful community management, boards can transform their neighborhoods into great places to live. Learn more about Community Management by visiting


  • 1. Community ManagementFive Ways to Transform Your Community

2. Community Management To build the strongest neighborhoods,HOAs must understand the value ofproper community management Fortunately, HOA boards have the powerto do more than enforce CCRs and collectdues. Through successful communitymanagement, they can transformneighborhoods into great places to live 3. Community Management Five community management tips for HOAboards to truly make a difference inneighborhoods: Create Vision HOA board needs to definewhere its going before it decides how to getthere. Board can provide input on idealneighborhood. HOA members are encouragedto participate in the process. A vision willsurface, from this vision, board can develop avision statement 4. Community Management Focus on Achieving Core Goals takingnecessary steps to turn vision into reality. Thevision provides high-level road map to plot theboards goals. Goals can be developed into short-term and long-term goals Communicate With Residents goodmanagement requires HOA keep residents incommunication loop. Through this, HOA minimizeconflict risk. Instead, they improve creating amore engaged and committed community 5. Community Management Cultivate Leaders too often not enoughresidents get involved in HOA activities.Strong community management requires newHOA leadership always be cultivated. HOAboard must have ongoing plans in place togroom potential new leaders. This type ofcommunity management planning helps keepthe HOA vibrant. 6. Community Management Dont Give Up Every HOA will experiencehits and misses. Remember to keep movingforward. Working together, the HOA will betransformed into a community where everyonewants to live AAM works with many of the largesthomebuilding and community developmentcompanies in the United States 7. Community Management Founded in 1990, AAM employs 370people and manages nearly 400homeowners associations in the UnitedStates. AAM is dedicated to delivering total peaceof mind to the Boards of Directors andhomeowners in the communities itmanages. 8. Community ManagementAbout the AuthorSusan Williams is Vice President, BusinessDevelopment and Marketing at AAMCommunity Management, one of Americasmost-respected Homeowner Association (HOA)management companies. Learn more aboutCommunity Management by visiting