Concept of Urban Farming

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  • Concept of Urban FarmingWelcome to Sun State Organics

  • The concept of Urban Farming is gaining popularity at an exponential rate.

  • The concept of urban agriculture has been getting a lot of strength. Many food justice advocates, community groups, individuals, city planners, environmentalists and gardeners are vouching for this concept and making people aware about the significance of this concept.

  • Although, the concept of growing vegetables or fruits in the cities is not new, but the way it should be done has made it quite popular. Urban farming is usually carried out in heavily populated municipality or town.

  • This concept has no similarity whatsoever with community gardening or subsistence gardening. In urban farming, the element of commerce also becomes its major part.

  • The vegetables or fruits that are grown in the towns and municipalities are not used for personal consumption; rather they are sold in the market for money. For Urban Farming, having a huge land is not necessary.

  • This concept can be opted by any one, an individual, a non profit organization etc are using this concept for an excellent yield and earning money.

  • These vegetables or fruits can also be sold directly to the hotels or restaurants and an excellent earning can be assured. With the help of urban farming concept, the city dwellers are also able to gain access to fresh produce without depending on rural markets.

  • Consumers can directly get fresh vegetables and fruits from the producers. Thus, this produce is not only fresh and seasonal, high quality but is available at cost effective rates.

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