Content Marketing - Bridging the Brand to Customer Gap

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Your Content Marketing

How Do I Build this Thing?

Professor Joe HinesStoryfinders digital mediac: 714-872-0561

Content Marketing Bridges the Gap Between You and Your Prospect

Know Yourself.

Youre On this Side of the Bridge.

Know Your Customer

Your Customer Is On this Side of the Bridge.

What It Looks Like On Their Side.

Sparks a NeedShopping Behavior.Exploring OptionsNarrowing ProcessPost PurchaseProcessAdvocacyNeeds and Need StatesCustomer Journey

Youre the Sherpa.Lead Your Customer Up Mount Decision

#1 Goal: Dont lose any along the way!

VideoInfographicPRWhite PapersHow-To BlogsLanding PagesSocial

Comparison TablesWebinarsDemos

Case StudiesReviewsEmail BlogsSocial


Customer Ascension Model

How Do You Get on Her Radar?

Evaluate first is there a match? Know what she cares about and start there.Have a plan.Dont rush things. Be consistent.Be true to your brand, and be sure your brand is true to you.3 branding pillars.Keep it lively!VarietyBe interestingBe realKnow where she hangs out. Be where she is.

Know Where She Hangs Out.

Know Where She Hangs OutSocial Media Channel% of channel users in the demographic

Is this Your Scene?Social Media PlatformWho Should Be Here?EveryoneEveryoneLifestyle, food, fashion, personalities and luxury brandsB2B businessesBrands with video content and ads


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