Cost-Effective Strategies To Boost Your Magento Online Store Revenue

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  1. 1. Cost-Effective Strategies To Boost Your Magento Online Store Revenue Fortunately, our team at Alinga eCommerce have expertise in implementing cost-effective strategies that help increase conversion rates for our Brisbane Magento clients while also maintaining a healthy bottom line. Here are some of our favourite strategies to boosting your Magento online store revenue: Have a trustworthy brand : At Alinga we place a priority on making our eCommerce Websites Brisbane look as professional and as trustworthy as possible. This plays a major role in reducing shopping cart abandonment, which leads to increased sales. How do you build trust? You can start by simply being accessible to your customers. This could entail providing a physical address they can reach you at and clearly provides your contact information where they can reach you online for questions or issues. Use your About page as an opportunity to collect client emails: Building an email list is important in increasing conversion rates and boosting revenue. Providing your website visitors with original, engaging content about your business on your About page is an easy way to have them submit their e-mail address. Increase remarketing efforts: When customers willingly provide you with their email address, it presents a great opportunity for you to send them more information which often leads to increased sales. Email marketing has been found to provide a terrific ROI compared with other marketing strategies. Alinga eCommerce offers effective and low-cost permission-based email marketing campaigns to build new client relationships and re-engage with existing ones. Make life easy with a fast checkout process : Online shopping customers dont like to wait; in fact, theyre just horrible at it. Nothing boosts shopping cart abandonment quite like an overly complicated and slow loading checkout system. Speed up your checkout process by providing easy to fill out registration forms (consider using guest checkouts as well) and make sure your system is optimised for speed by calling our Alinga
  2. 2. eCommerce professionals for help in setting this up on your site. Provide customer reviews : Youre great at promoting your products and services, but customers are better at getting other customers to actually buy your products. Include a customer review section on your Magento online store and people will see you as more open to criticism and therefore more trustworthy. In addition, customer review sometimes reveal important product or service insights that may not be contained in standard product reviews and could be valuable to your visitors. Implementing these practical and cost-effective strategies is really easy and can provide a real boost to your revenue. With Alingas expert technical help and guidance, you can ensure your eCommerce business grows and stays competitive. For more information on Alinga eCommerce services and capabilities, contact us now for a free consultation with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.