Cross-Channel Marketing | 3sixty Live | Brian D. Shelton

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Cross-Channel Marketing primer presented at 3sixty Live event in Kansas City, March 12, 2013.


  • 1. Cross-Channel Marketing What does it all mean?

2. Brian D. Shelton @briandshelton @ExactTarget 3. Common Ground Why cross-channel is key 4. Cross-Channel vs. Multi-Channel Cross-channel marketing is the inverse of multi-channel marketing. The customer is now central, not the organization He/she is followed and tracked while they switch from one channel to another Simply pushing the same content to all customers using all channels no longer works Listening to and engaging with the customer at the right time with the right content on the right channel is much harder to do, but when done well is much more effective. Well address the listening piece a little later 5. Fish Where There Are Fish One size does not fit all. 6. @JKROHRS @EXACTTARGET 7. @JKROHRS 8. What does listening really mean? At its simplest form, it means exactly what you think it does: Responding directly, one-to-one, to unique customer questions and feedback. 9. What does listening really mean? Listening is also a simple way of saying, let data kick-start your marketing. Data analysis (and execution) Its easier said than done Forrester (commissioned by ExactTarget) used an online survey to investigate the outlook and application of cross-channel strategies and technologies of 211 U.S. marketers with annual revenues of $100 million or more. Many organizations are still struggling to understand customer interactions across channels and manage execution across multiple technologies. Not surprising, some of the biggest hurdles involve the lack of headcount (49%), and know-how (42%). 10. Slide via JESS3 11. Needed to grow skiers BRAND LOYALTY Created TRIGGERED EMAIL ALERTS that were personalized to skiers lift runs and vertical feet skied 8% CLICK THROUGH RATE and 46% open rate 12. Dont Do It All Just do it well. 13. Brian D. Shelton @briandshelton @ExactTarget