Crowd sourcing solutions for customer service transformation in social housing

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Questions provided by delegates to 20 Feb 2014 in Leeds for crowd sourcing answers from twitter. Shared using hashtag:- #hgd14 #psfbuzz #digitalinclusion


  • 1. Customer Service Transformation in Social Housing 20 February 2014Problem Pot#psfbuzz

2. What are organisations doing to train/support staff re;channel shift e.g. the typical contact centre functions in a HA are changing as a result does this require different training/systems? Similarly, what about the frontline staff such as Housing Officers/Surveyors/Income Mgt as social media/web access is instant customer expectations re: response times in terms of speed/style/format are changing how are HAs managing/preparing for this? 3. Could we discuss the issue about forcingchannel shift instead of responding to customers preferences and what attendees thoughts and experience of doing that were? 4. Is there any value in using NPS as a customer satisfaction measure ?Latest thinking is that ease of use is akey customer satisfaction metric is this applicable to our sector? 5. Give that is could be argued that weare not operating in a true customer environment i.e. tenants cannot take their custom elsewhere, how does that reflect and influence the approach to customers? 6. Given that the latest ONS figures on UK internet usage (75% to 90% usage) and given the sectors demography, do people thinkthat incentivising channel shift is a key factor? Is it clear why providers would want customers to channel shift, but, given that people generally act our of self interest, what's in it for customers?