Customer Relationship Management (CRM) In Starbucks 1

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  • 1. Team X
    Atalay, caliskan, hewitt, krishnamoorthy, Trevor ,perdomoand tokarczyk
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Starbucks
  • 2. Starbucks
    Largest coffeehouse company in the world.
    16,635 stores in 49 countries.
    Enviable customer loyalty.
    Increasing sales and market share.
  • 3. Study
    Analysis of Starbucks Customer-Centricity
    Four Phases of Customer Orientation model
    Customer Orientation Self Assessment survey
    Analysis of Starbucks CRM
    Customer-Centric marketing strategy
    Proposed CRM
  • 4. Current Situation in CRM
    Starbucks Rewards Card is operated by
    3rd party websites
    2D mobile barcode system by Codilink
    In store feedback form
  • 5.
  • 6. Key Issues
    Rewards Card is not free is not connected to Consona
    In Store feedback forms are weak
    Long waiting times at 1-800-23-LATTE
    Starbucks Shared Planet and Community Involvement programs
    Baristas and the Community
  • 7. Recommendations
    Improve feedback: key in pads, 24x7 customer service, better in store feedback
    Rewards Card program: free card, direct communication, easy use of coupons
    Empower the store manager and the regional office to take key decisions
    Community Involvement: Increase local events like go green, get-togethers
    Product offerings: customize some products to suit the demographics of the area
  • 8. Recommendations
    Better BI and Data warehousing tools
    Employee feedback opportunity
    Improve barista-customer relations
    Consolidate the current customer relation systems to one platform
  • 9. Are you growing your business with CRM?
  • 10. Critical Measurements
    Online and store surveys to measure customer satisfaction
    Employee satisfaction survey
    Number of Starbucks Cardholders: Customer reactivation, Cross-sell
    Number of customer complaints
  • 11. Critical Measurements
    Revenue per store/ per region
    Profit per customer
    Customer retention, acquisition
    Total Revenue & Growth
  • 12. Consona Enterprise CRM Solution
    Consona Software is one of the top CRM solutions in the world; has more than 4500 clients
    Centralized application to attain a 360 degree view
    Consolidation of different customer databases to a single system
    Starbucks deployed Consona Enterprise CRM solution within its Foodservice team Salesforce to Consona platform
  • 13. Consona Enterprise CRM Solution
    Easy to use: the user interface provides all key customer information in a single location for ease of use.
    Customizable: Consona CRM process management module permits users to configure, modify the user interface and business processes.
    Powerful Analysis: Consona CRM performance management module provides score carding, reporting, analytical analysis.
    Consona Case management module provides all the functionality needed to manage service and support operations.
  • 14. Questions and Answers
    Team X
    Atalay, Caliskan, Hewitt, Trevor,Krishnamoorthy, Perdomo and Tokarczyk
  • 15. THANK YOU!