Delightful Tips to Make Your Office More Fun

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  • Delightful Tips to Make Your

    Office More Fun

  • Bring Your Dog to Work

    Having pets around at the office has been shown to boost

    morale, reduce employee stress, and increase the number

    of interactions between employees. Theres no better way

    to unwind after a stressful project than by getting down on

    the floor and loving up on a cute pup trust us.


  • Whether its a puzzle the team can collaboratively work on, an

    adult coloring book, or fun brain teasers, spending part of your

    day on something enjoyable and separate from your normal

    work can help destress and promote creative thinking. If you

    have the space, consider creating an area specifically

    designated for relaxation.

    Use Games & Activities to Unwind


  • A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right?

    Competing with coworkers can help employees get

    inspired. Weve had gingerbread house competitions,

    a fantasy football league, and even a spontaneous

    wall sit competition at Grasshopper HQ.


    Encourage Competition

  • You can create any mood you want simply by

    choosing a new coat of paint. Take some time to

    make your space your own and encourage your

    team to do the same.



  • Nothing drains the passion out of work like

    caffeine withdrawal, and shelling out $5 for a cup

    of coffee isnt exactly fun either. Keep yourself

    and your team energized and productive with a

    kitchen stocked full of the K cups.


    Provide Free Coffee

  • Create a flexible work policy and allow employees

    to work remotely on occasion. That way, when

    theyre in the office, theyll truly want to be there

    and participate in the fun atmosphere.


    Let Go the Shackles

  • Everyone loves to be recognized when they do

    something great. Whether its going above and

    beyond for a customer or saving a coworkers butt,

    create a program to help employees give each other

    credit when they do something awesome.


    Create a Recognition Program

  • What combines fun activities with friendly competition? A

    little exercise. Encourage your team to get moving

    throughout the day. Grasshopper has had yoga instructors

    come in and teach us how to do yoga right at our desks.


    Get Moving

  • Whether youre still a startup or have grown a little,

    you and your team are still grinding away all the

    time, trying to serve customers and build the

    business. To help make the effort seem worthwhile,

    take a break to celebrate wins both large and small.


    Celebrate Wins Big & Small

  • One of the big luxuries of being a small company is

    knowing each team member is passionate about, and

    driven by, your mission. Whatever your vision is for the

    company, keep it front and center throughout the



    Keep Your Vision Front & Center

  • No matter what time of year it is, its important to make

    your office an enjoyable place to work. Focus on infusing

    a little more fun, and you might just create the kind of

    delightful office culture that inspires both you and your

    team and even attracts new and passionate talent.

    Have Fun with It

  • How have you infused a little fun

    into the office?

    Share with us in the comments!