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  1. 1. The most dangerous side effects of the drug are in the potential damage to the unborn fetus. There is risk to pregnant women, women likely to become pregnant or those that are nursing. Taking Depakote during pregnancy can cause any of the following: Death of the fetus Spina Bifida (where the spinal column fails to completely enclose the spinal cord) Cleft palate Malformations of the hands Testes that do not descend Dysplastic ribs (the ribs are abnormally developed) Hypsoplastic right heart (the right side of the heart is undeveloped) Hypospadia (the urethra opening in male babies is in the wrong place)
  2. 2. Using Depakote in pregnancy has been associated with a number of birth defects. This is more likely if the drug is taken in the first trimester. There is a 1-2% risk of Spina Bifida occurring in the babies of mothers that took valproic acid when they were pregnant. A study showed that if the mothers took valproic acid during their first trimester it was 12.7 times more likely that their babies would develop Spina Bifida than babies of mothers who had not taken it.
  3. 3. If you have had a child that has suffered from the side effects of taking Depakote which include a cleft palate, Spina Bifida or any other kind of malformation then contact highly experienced Depakote attorneys here so they can assess your case. You may be eligible for compensation if you or a member of your family have taken Depakote and have then had a child who has suffered from birth defects. Contact a highly competent Depakote lawyer here.


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