Digital Disruption -> The New Reality: Acronis Keynote_20.11.14

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Big Data = Big Business Problem. Big Business Problem = Big Business Opportunity. The Cloud Changes the way Customers adopt services and the Channel doesn't provide what the cloud requires (today). 3 things that you can do the accelerate adoption of your Cloud based Business Continuity Services.


  • 1. Drivers of Digital Disruption:1.Mass Adoption of Digital Technology2.The Age of the Customer3.The Engagement Economy

2. Customer Adoption 3. Basic Human Needs 4. The Cloud = IT TransformationThe Cloud = Business Transformation 5. Digital Disruption 6. Big Data = Big Opportunity 7. KeyDataPoints:Hybrid cloudExploding big dataThe Internet of ThingsSMBs and start-upsCloud adoption shift 8. Big Data = Big Data Management Challenge 9. Data Loss:of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control.31%34%of companies fail to test their tape backups, and of those that do, 77% have found tape back-up failures.60%of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster.93%of companies that lost their data centerfor 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster. (National Archives & Records Administration in Washington) 10. Death by data loss 11. Data Loss = Bankruptcy 12. Big Data = Big Customer Problem1Big Customer Problem = BIGBusiness Opportunity2What have we learnt so far? 13. What is your Growth Strategy? 14. Growth strategy I 15. Growth strategy II 16. Where are you on the curve?Where are you on the curve -ahead or behind, which is the essence of strategy.Behind:If you are behind the curve and chasing the market then you have ceded a great deal of control and you must have the ability to execute and be very agile in execution. Your bets are defined. Your strategic posture is reactive and defensive.Ahead:If you are ahead of the curve you are trying to drive the market, which requires a very different agility - there you require a set of controlled bets in execution with the ability to constantly probe the frontier and execute on success. Here you are reacting to yourself and your direction instead of where others have been. 17. Disruptive Opportunity MatrixExtendWhiteSpaceDefendExtendCurrentNewCurrentNewSource: Create Marketplace Disruption by Adam Hartung, Pearson Education, Inc. 2009ProductsCustomers 18. Irrational complacency 19. OLD THINKINGNEW TECHNOLOGYFAILX= 20. Overcoming change 21. Horizon 10 -6 monthsHorizon 26-12 monthsHorizon 312 -36 monthsThinking at 3 Time Horizons 22. Get it right 23. Get it wrong 24. -Geoffrey A. MooreWell, first off, realize you are in afight for your life. The new businessmodel is not a competitive threat, itis an existential threat. 25. The status quo is not a growth strategy 26. The End of Business as Usual1Innovate or Die2The Customer Adoption Cycle3 27. Remember these? 28. Business Model Innovation 29. Disruptive change 30. Game ChangerAccessAssetsPurchase before AdoptionAdoptionbefore Purchase 31. The end of business as Usual 32. See things differently 33. Long-term focus 34. Accelerators & Barriers to Growth 35. Accelerate your journey to the Cloud 36. Prisoners of the past 37. Growth Mindset 38. The End of Business as Usual1Innovate or Die2The Customer Adoption Cycle3 39. Innovation 40. change 41. Adaptive to change 42. Strategic choices 43. B4B Operating Model FrameworkProduct FocusedOutcome FocusedSupplier Operating ModelSource: B4B: How Technology and Big Data are Reinventing the Customer- Supplier Relationship by J. B. Wood, Todd Hewlinand Thomas Lah, 2013Basic Offer:LEVEL 1 SUPPLIERBest Product, Fair PriceStandardReliableProductMakeSellShipComplex Offer:LEVEL 2 SUPPLIERFast and Sure AvailabilityImplementation and Maintenance ServicesTailored Product+Optimise Offer:LEVEL 3 SUPPLIEROptimal ROIAdoption ServicesOperate (Managed) ServicesConnected Products+Outcome Offer:LEVEL 4 SUPPLIEREaseOutcome as a Service+Services+SupplierCustomer 44. Cloud business model strategy? 45. The End of Business as Usual1Innovate or Die2The Customer Adoption Cycle3 46. The problem is that customers dont buy the way we sell 47. Cloud services dont require what the Channel provides (today) 48. The Buying Decision Process 49. SearchFindQualifyTryBuyActivateManageUp-sellSupportReferThe Customer Adoption Cycle 50. Transactional Sales ModelAdoption Cycle Sales Model 51. Customers are completing 57% of a buying cycle before ever coming into contact with a sales rep.-A CEB study of more than 1,400 customers 52. ProductPlacePricePromotion4P'sSolutionAccessValueEducationSAVE 53. Educate 54. Inspire 55. Create a sense of urgency 56. 3 levels of Value 57. Basic Product/Service:TechnologyPrice performanceProduct qualityE2E Customer Experience:PeoplePerceived valueHigh touchExceed customer expectationsDelight and astound customers12Support Services3E2ECustomer ExperienceDifferentiation: 3 Levels of Perceived ValueBasicProduct/ServiceSupport Services:Levels of supportQuality of serviceSystemsProcessesYour Cloud Services 58. Consulting ServicesMigration ServicesIntegration ServicesData ManagementServicesBusiness Process Consulting ServicesAdoption ServicesBCaaSBusiness Continuityas a ServiceValue DifferentiationSaaSPaaSIaaSBupaaSRecaaSSecaaS123 59. Price vsValueProductsServicesExperienceCustomer 60. Sales TransformationOLDNEWThe IT BuyerThe Business BuyerSelling into CapExBudgetsSelling into OpExBudgetsTechnical ExpertiseBusiness ExpertiseGeographic Sales TerritoriesVertical Industry TerritoriesSelling FeaturesSelling ResultsFixed-Price ContractsOutcome-Based ContractsDemonstrating FeaturesBusiness Process DiscussionsYour Complexity and Underlying ArchitectureYour Consumption Model and Service CapabilityMaintenance Contracts"Apps Mindset"Face2Face Sales SkillsSocial Media KnowledgeSource: Consumption Economics: The New Rules of Tech by J. B. Wood, Todd Hewlinand Thomas Lah, 2011 61. The End of Business as Usual1Innovate or Die2The Customer Adoption Cycle3Quick Review:Competing to remain relevant to tomorrows customers-4Ps -> S A V E, Marketing -> Sales-4 stages of Business Model Evolution-Disrupt or be disrupted 62. Get it right 63. Where do you go from here? 64. Get it right 65. Get it right 66. Unique ValuePromiseDifferentiationStrategyThe SalesToolkitCreating an unpaidsales forceSalesChannelEurope2014AllrightsreservedDOITNOW!:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________WHO:WHAT:HOW:DiscoveringyourInnerAdvantageExerciseSalesChannelEurope2014AllrightsreservedBasicProduct/Service: _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________EnhancedServices: _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________SupportServices: _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________Differen a on:3LevelsofPerceivedValueBasicProduct/ServicSupportServicesEnhancedServices123BasicProduct/ServiceYour HostedServicesSalesChannelEurope2014AllrightsreservedTipping the Funnel Clients: Actions:ABCloud GTM Strategies, Sales Acceleration- Programs and Tools 67. GTM / Sales Acceleration Strategic Framework 68. Accelerating Time to ActivationSearch Find Qualify Try Buy Activate Manage Up-sell Support Refer Differentiate Accelerating Time to Activation 69. The Sales Channel Mix 70. GTM Action Plan 71. Get it right 72. R EdniePresident & CEOSalesChannel EuropePh: +33 676 60 09 25 (FRA)Email: david@saleschannel-europe.comWebsite: