Digital Transformation: Getting Started

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Data Governance

Connecting [people] with [data]Ace the Last Data Mile: Getting Started15/08/2016 2016 YQUP Ltd - www.yqup.com1

Ace the Last Data Mile

In this presentation you learn:

What is a Data Steering Group (DSG)Who should be membersWho should a DSG report toWho should be the chairpersonHow DSG interacts with digital transformation initiativesWhat to expect from initial meetings

15/08/2016 2016 YQUP Ltd - www.yqup.com2

Ace the Last Data Mile

A Data Steering Group is a purpose-built conduit to [connect] people with [data]

A meeting point to discuss all things dataRaise awareness of data, and how and where it is requiredBreakdown resistance to change by focusing on data an asset by its nature that is neutralReflect on how transformation impacts the communication process and what this means for the transmission of dataPromote a governance framework for handling and securing data assets around an organisation

15/08/2016 2016 YQUP Ltd - www.yqup.com3

Ace the Last Data Mile

Members of a Data Steering Group should include:

Representation from functional and business units across the enterpriseData Champions to promote best data practicesData Provocateurs who want to bring about change and raise data standardsIndividuals from the trenches who understand the reality of working on the front line

15/08/2016 2016 YQUP Ltd - www.yqup.com4

Ace the Last Data Mile

Should a Data Steering Group include C-level executives?

A DSG requires executive muscle to make things happenThe group should be report to a C-level executive (or into a Digital Transformation working group)There should be a balance of personnel to ensure business goals are translated into consistent operational actionsRemember: a key DSG role is to facilitate change

15/08/2016 2016 YQUP Ltd - www.yqup.com5

Ace the Last Data Mile

Considerations when Selecting a DSG Chairperson

Like data, the chairperson needs to be neutral and free from any vested data interestsAvoid a position where the chairperson appears to be a combination of judge and juryKey skill sets include effective management of meetings, dealing with conflict and the promotion of an open but robust discussion on data issues15/08/2016 2016 YQUP Ltd - www.yqup.com6

Ace the Last Data Mile

How does a DSG interact with transformation initiatives?

A DSG is a fundamental component of a digital transformation initiativeIt is a discrete working group that focuses solely on data, and determines what data changes often prerequisites are necessary for a successful transformationA DSG is an environment for data modelling and to stress test proposed alterations to existing processesIf you do not have a transformation initiative, then a DSG is a first step towards embarking on one

15/08/2016 2016 YQUP Ltd - www.yqup.com7

Ace the Last Data Mile

What conclusions can you expect to draw from initial Data Steering Group meetings?[Part 1]

A discovery process is required to act as a foundation stone for future discussion of data issuesFunctions and/or business units working with a silo mentality act as a constraint to the effective flow of dataPerceptions as to what data is required by customers and/or colleagues are often wide of the markThe extent to which data errors and/or omissions impair productivity elsewhere within the organisation

15/08/2016 2016 YQUP Ltd - www.yqup.com8

Ace the Last Data Mile

What conclusions can you expect to draw from initial Data Steering Group meetings? [Part 2]

Data errors and/or omissions are more frequent than previously imaginedFront line staff solve data problems, but underlying issues are not resolved or brought to the attention of senior management in a timely mannerThere is a wealth of data, and content, that could be deployed to enhance the customer experience

15/08/2016 2016 YQUP Ltd - www.yqup.com9

Ace the Last Data Mile

What conclusions can you expect to draw from initial Data Steering Group meetings? [Part 3]

There are inadequate data standards and process rulesIT resources might be better deployed on solving data rather than technology issuesThe absence of a robust governance programme to handle and secure data assetsA DSG is NOT a forum to talk about who owns the data

15/08/2016 2016 YQUP Ltd - www.yqup.com10

Ace the Last Data Mile

To deliver the right data to the right place at the right time to ace the last data mile requires a transformation in the approach taken to managing data within an organisation

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