Doga Classes in Florida - Yoga Classes for You and Your Dog

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  1. 1. DOGA A cute combination of the words Dog and Yoga and it has been gaining in popularity over the past few years. Doga is a sharing, nurturing and bonding experience where the owner and the dog can relax and share special time together.
  2. 2. Your dog is the DOGI and you are the YOGI. Together you create DOGA! Doga Classes will help you use yogic principles to improve the way to communicate with your dog. Doga combines meditation, gentle stretching and massage for human owners and dogs alike.
  3. 3. How Does Doga Benefit My Dog? Just like humans, dogs equally benefit from yoga. Doga allows the parasympathetic nervous system to override the active nervous system which is responsible for your dogs.
  4. 4. What You Should Know About Doga: In a regular Doga class, you help your dog into different poses, and in some classes acupressure and massage are used to help your dog relax and to soothe them. As to the difficulty of teaching Doga, the dog probably wont be perfect at first but after a few sessions he/she could be a Dogi pro.
  5. 5. What Are the Benefits of DOGA? Increased flexibility Helping to resolve behavioral issues Lowering blood pressure Aiding in digestion
  6. 6. Join Doga Classes Today Contact Barbara Whatever you think about this new form of exercise, it helps you spend more time with your dog, and will increase the bond that you share. What could be better than that! Barbara is offering Doga classes in Naples Florida, call for location and price. Call @ (239) 691-2416 Visit