Dogs and demons in mobile - what mobile operators don't tell about 3G

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Presentation on what operators don't tell and keep promoting services that look good on paper but don't deliver. Done in Kuala Lumpur at the Mobile Monday Global Summit.


  • 1. We want more dogs! Dogs and demons in mobile What mobile carriers dont tell about 3G Mobile Monday Global Summit | Kuala Lumpur | 2008.5.19 Benjamin Joffe |CEO, Plus Eight Star Ltd Co-Founder, Mobile Monday Beijing

2. Have we made so much progress? 3. the mobile professionals community 3G Business models 4. Is there any successful service or business model? 5. 1 Sell 3G licenses 6. 2 Sell 3G infra 7. 3 Invest and sell a companywith 3G name 8. 4 Organize conferencesabout 3G 9. But users want quality service!Operators need more capacity! GSM Association Executive 10. Still I couldnt help but wonder: Is there no business model for 3G services? 11. the mobile professionals community Why this is happening 12. Video phone 13. Mobile payment 14. Contactless (and networkless) 15. Mobile TV 16. Terrestrial or Satellite Broadcast 17. Most talked-about services dont need 3G 18. We are sorry for telecom operators who made the mistake of 3G, but its not our fault! Martin VarsavskyCEO, FON(worlds largest WiFi network operator) 19. For operators, 3G is essentially a waste of money.Unfortunately, there is nocoming back VP of one of the most innovative European Telecom operators (Very familiar with Asian markets) 20. Alternate definition 21. Games 3G GirlsGambling 22. Games 3G GirlsGambling 23. the mobile professionals community What next? 24. More dogs! 25. It's not about bandwidth, nor standards, nor unique Japanese culture. It is about fun and convenience.Japanese put great effort into designingnew technologies that can be adopted byanyone, especially techno-phobics. Takeshi Natsuno Senior VP & inventor of i-mode NTT DoCoMo 26. Not big filesBut multiple small connections 27. Mobile communitiesMobile Game Town (Japan)Cyworld (Korea)QQ (China) 28. Mobile auctions Mobaoku (Japan) 11th Street (Korea) 29. Mobile shopping Rakuten (Japan) GirlsWalker (Japan) 30. Mobile search GoogleYahooLBS search Etc. 31. IM Not SMSStill looking for its business model(digital goods?) 32. the mobile professionals community Catalysts 33. 1. Better & more simpledata pricing 34. 2. Get rid of SMS 35. 3. Better payment infrastructure 36. Thanks!Terima Kasih! Skype: benjamin0123 37. Clients selectionthe mobile professionals community Published researchInside Cyworld Inside QQ Free sample |