Driving Change: Empowering Yourself to Empower Your Organization Handout

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Driving ChangeEmpowering Yourself to Empower Your OrganizationIdentify the opportunity.What challenge is your organization facing?

What tools & networks do you have to help you solve your problem?

Build support.Who can help you achieve your goal?

Who is your project champion? Your personal champion?

Justify the improvement.How will you measure savings? Time? Money? Customer satisfaction?

What stakeholders might oppose your proposal? Why?

Lead an implementation.Whom should you include on your implementation team? Why?

How will you ensure your solution scales within your organization?

Measure the impact.Do your results match your initial justification?

If not, can you target the root cause of the shortcoming?

Continue growth.How can you build on your success?

How can you encourage others to do the same?

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