Driving Sales and Marketing Success with Video Analytics

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View the slides from this webcast and learn how best-in-class retailers are leveraging video-driven business intelligenceTM to gain a better understanding into traffic and conversion data. In this webcast you will learn strategies on how to: - Leverage video-driven business intelligence TM to gain greater visibility to customer demographics and increase traffic to store- Measure sales associates conversion rates to increase dollar amount per transaction -Evaluate and improve customer experience to drive loyalty


  • 1. Driving Sales and Marketing Successwith Video Analytics

2. Welcome & Introductions Your host for todays webinar:Carlos PerezVice President Product & MarketingEnvysion(303) 381-4790cperez@envysion.comBrandon LineProduct ManagerEnvysion(303) 381-4779bline@envysion.com 2012 Envysion, Inc.2 3. Retail Today Deloitte surveyed more than 100,000 customers on their store experiences key finding include: There are significant opportunities to convert more sales within every retail category. Most retailers have highly sophisticated data on their buying customers, but almost no information on non-buyers. Non-buyers often go on to purchase from competitors and may be permanently lost as customers.Source: Retail Challenge Framework Series Three, Deloitte & Touche USA LLP 2012 Envysion, Inc. Proprietary & Confidential3 4. And Yet... Only 13% of national retail stores are actually equipped with and using customer countingsystems & still fewer using an fullyintegrated solution Source: Irisys 5. Traditional Traffic CountingWhy Count? Calculate store traffic Data & Solution Silo Compare store performance locally, regionally, and nationally6,0005,0004,0003,00014-Jun Average2,0001,000 0Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 6. More Than Data: Comprehensive Traffic Counting SolutionVideo Analytics + Video-Driven Business Intelligence All in one seamlessly integrated solution Calculate conversion rates Tying traffic/conversion data to video to understand root causeConversion Report (Ranking by Store) People LocationCount Rank Conversion Rank Avg Basket Rank Total Sales Store 1 3,697151%10$26.55 649,782 Store 2 5,550842% 5$21.88 351,182 Store 3 5,000539% 4$28.75 755,714 Store 4 7,594 1037% 3$19.77 155,983 Store 5 6,093948% 8$20.14 259,024 Store 6 4,951446% 6$26.11 559,064 Store 7 5,342737% 2$30.26 959,131 Store 8 5,002649% 9$24.41 459,671 Store 9 4,557334% 1$39.811061,340 Store 104,448248% 7$29.49 862,615 7. Calculate Key Performance IndicatorsPeople Count X Conversion Rate X Dollars per Transaction Shrink = Sales ($)People Count Customer Traffic in StoreConversion Rate Transaction Count/ People CountAverage Dollar Per Transaction How much $ Customer Spend/Transaction 8. Traffic represents the totalOPPORTUNITY present in the store 9. People CountPeople Count = Customer Traffic in Your Store Measure changes in traffic following marketing campaigns Tie traffic increases/declines to marketing effectiveness Determine the peak traffic times and schedule staff at optimum levels bytime and day of week Integrate video and business intelligence 10. Demographic ResearchMarketing gets instant and unfiltered visibility into exactly who is buyingwhat product and using what promotion to assess program effectiveness Gender and Age PercentageGender and Age Using Promotion 140 < 30 Male< 30 Female30-50 Male120 30-50 Female > 50 Male> 50 Female 10080 50%60 Non-Coupon40 Coupon13% 208% 013% 8% 8% < 30 M < 30 F 30-50 30-50 > 50 M > 50 F M F 2012 Envysion, Inc. Proprietary & Confidential10 11. Use Case: Marketing Promotions 2012 Envysion, Inc. Proprietary & Confidential 11 12. Conversion Rates Tying people counting data to point of sales data enables calculation ofconversion rates providing direct access to video provides theunfiltered context behind the numbers 2012 Envysion, Inc. Proprietary & Confidential12 13. Use Case: Conversion Rate Conversion Rate = Transaction count to the people counti.e. converted prospects 14. Average Dollar/Transaction Average dollars sold per transaction increases salesStore People Conversion Average SalesCountRate Dollars PerTransaction445,37962%$30.34$101,94757 5,788 38%$76.08$168,211885,63745%$30.73$78,110 2012 Envysion, Inc. Proprietary & Confidential 14 15. Average Dollar/Transaction Identify missed up sell and cross sell opportunities 16. Calculate Key Performance IndicatorsPeople Count X Conversion Rate X Dollars per Transaction Shrink = Sales ($)People Count Customer Traffic in StoreConversion Rate Transaction Count/ People CountAverage Dollar Per Transaction How much $ Customer Spend/Transaction 17. Functional Stakeholders Across the OrganizationPeople Conversion Avg. Dollars/ ShrinkCount TransactionMarketing &MerchandisingOperations &SalesLossPrevention 2012 Envysion, Inc. Proprietary & Confidential17 18. Q&A Please type your answers into the chat window and well do our best toanswer all of them! If you would like to ask your question(s) privately please contact Carlos atcperez@envysion.com 2012 Envysion, Inc. Proprietary & Confidential 18 19. Next StepsWant to Know More? Whitepaper Using People Counting and ConversionRates to Increase Sales,Email: aschmidt@envysion.com for a copy Checkout our blog: http://www.envysion.com/blog/ Request a 1:1 demo or more information Carlos Perez; cperez@envysion.com; 303-381- 4790 2012 Envysion, Inc. Proprietary & Confidential 19