eBuilder Wins Prize in the EuroCloud Finals

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  • eBuilder Wins Prize in the EuroCloud Finals

    Competing against 27 other European cloud suppliers, eBuilder won the EuroCloud 2011 award for the

    Best Cloud Case, Private Sector.

    This is the jurys reasoning: " In this business case, the alignment of eBuilder with its clients DHL/Alfa

    Laval proved remarkable and showed the potential of the cloud for distributed companies and at a critical

    end-to-end level for the client. eBuilder was instrumental in enhancing the agility of its client in an ever

    changing and demanding market."

    This EuroCloud award is convincing recognition of the business value we deliver to our customers. Both

    winning the award for the Best Cloud Case Study (private sector) and being nominated for the Best Cloud

    Case Study (public sector) award confirm our position as a leader in delivering cloud processes for our

    customers value networks. EuroClouds work in promoting the European cloud service industry is

    extremely important, says Bengt Wallentin, eBuilders CEO.

    The goal of the EuroCloud Awards is to select the leading European suppliers of Cloud services in the

    four award categories: Best Cloud Service, Best Cloud Start-Up, Best Cloud Case Study (private sector),

    and Best Cloud Case Study (public sector). The selection process began earlier in 2011 at the national

    level with more than 100 European Cloud service suppliers taking part in 12 national competitions. 28

    award winners from nine of these countries then competed at the pan-European level in the EuroCloud

    Europe competition, where eBuilder won the award for the Best Cloud Case Study (private sector).

    The overall purpose of the national and the European Awards is to promote innovation, to showcase the

    best in cloud services, and to demonstrate how effective and beneficial the implementation of Cloud

    services can be, says Michael Abrahamsson, Vice Chairman of EuroCloud and President of EuroCloud

    Sweden. Abrahamsson continues, eBuilder has clearly shown how customers benefit from Cloud


    About eBuilder

    eBuilder is the leading global supplier of Cloud Processes that enable companies and organizations to

    automate, control, and manage their value networks for Travel and Expense Management, Procurement,

    Order Fulfillment (supply chain), After Sales (supply chain), and Financial Transactions. eBuilder is

  • unique in its ability to deliver multiple standard processes on the same platform and to customize both

    processes and integrations. Today eBuilder has customers in over 60 countries and over 500,000 users.

    Corporate headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden with offices in the Asia-Pacific region (Australia,

    China, and Sri Lanka). www.ebuilder.com

    About EuroCloud Europe

    EuroCloud Europe is an independent, non-profit organization trade association for the promotion of the

    Cloud Computing industry in Europe. It strives to create awareness of Cloud Computing throughout

    society and to take an active role in the design of cloud industry processes and standards. EuroCloud

    Europe is building a network of contacts and knowledge sharing for companies interested in Cloud

    Computing. And it is building a strong relationship with the European Unions European Commission and

    European Parliament. www.eurocloud.org

    For more information, contact:

    Bengt Wallentin


    +46 73 545 97 02

    Mikael Ekstrm


    +46 70 370 0289

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