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1According to PepsiCo. Digital marketing innovation and a strong, direct relationship with consumers is key to successful brand building and sales


Scope Of Online Marketing 2

Marketing is a crucial factor in every business. Billboards on the side of the road, radio announcements, commercials, and advertisements in the mail bombard customers whether they care for it or not. The Internet is the only place where people can choose to search for the businesses they want at their own leisure and on their terms. This is just one of the reasons why digital marketing is perhaps one of the most successful forms of advertising.

Digital technologies have a significant impact across all areas of business, regardless of the size, industry or scope of the business. This course provides a framework for developing a comprehensive digital strategy and talks through the process of producing a strategy that will make a significant difference to your business

3Ecommerce TodayEcommerceMerchantBUSINESS





Social MediaTwitter/FacebookDIRECT


5What Categories Lead?

Three Verticals Of Ecommerce Strategy6

The Offering 1

The Experience 2

Marketing Channels3

The Offering

What Do you Do And Does It Worth Selling Online

Can You Translate Your Offline Experience To Online

Who Is Your Target Audience


The OfferingBricks And Clicks : Integration Of Offline & Online Presences



The Offering2. Immaterial Going Physical


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The Offering3. Mass Customization :Individualized products based on buyers choice of aesthetic , functional or contextual components



The Experience Build Trust & Confidence

Provide Information & Context

Put Products In front Of Customer

Make Purchasing As Easy As Possible

11Clear and consistent experience serves to:

Ecommerce Strategies to Implement BasicCondense NavigationIntegrate Social MediaSegment CustomersAdd Shopping GuidesCreate Best SellersMore Visual ApproachCreate Video Add Live Help

AdvancedPersonalizationAccount Registration Enhanced Search / NavigationMobile ApplicationsCross Sell & Related ItemsEmail AlertsLoyaltyInternational


E-Commerce Marketing Strategy Opportunities13

Target-Market Definition

Specification of the Four PsProductPromotionPricePlace

Segmentation onlineInformation productsOnline promotionBrochurewareAdvertisingServiceOnline customer servicePersonalization/customizationDistribution onlineTracking performance

Determinants of E-Commerce Marketing Strategy14Marketing Strategy

Business MissionBusiness ObjectivesMarketing Objectives

Target-Market Definition

Specification of the Four Ps


Market-Related Technology IssuesFour P-Related Technology IssuesE-Commerce

E-Commerce Trends PersonalizationMobile E-CommerceSegmentationBehavioral ProfilesSocial Media (Facebook, Twitter)Building LoyaltyEnhanced Search & Navigation Product ReviewsVideo Shopping Guides


Personalization (You, Your)WelcomeRecommendations for You (behavioral learning) Your Browsing History (cookies & account registration)Rate These Items (social media, reason to return) Remember You Saved these? (wish list)Your Communities (social media)Want to See Todays Deals? (Conversion)Individual Treatment Creates (Loyalty)


Mobile E-Commerce

Personalization Sync with Account Payment Integrated Product Reviews Select Products Conversion17

Segmentation & Behavioral Profiles

Market Individually Create Email Alerts Convert Later Compile Profile Record Everything Convert Now Tip Segment Emails


Follow-Up Emails

Should be Personalized Reminds them of purchase Related Products Up-Sell Conversion Alternatives Tip - Include Coupon Twitter Face Book Fan Club


Sharing is In

Email Sharing Facebook, Twitter, Other Creates CommunityOpportunityConversion


Navigation Reduce Clutter Organize by Popularity TIP - What Sells?


Video Product Demos Buying Guides Video Tour Top Sellers Live Video



Low prices + Great Selection Free Shipping Offers Amazon Prime (loyalty) Personalization to highest degree Combination of account history and behavioral learning to convert Combines multiple merchants


Related ConversionsMore Items to Consider Related to Items You Viewed Inspired by Browsing History Additional Items to Explore Inspired by Your Shopping Trends Customers with Similar Searches Your Recent History Your Recent Searches


Market-Related Technology IssuesDemographicsPsychographicsFirm graphicsTechno graphicsSituational Segmentation


Site Design BasicsIdentify who will be visiting your site and why they will want to visit.Design a template that is consistent with your company image. Choose all graphics, colors, fonts, etc. to reflect your image.Include address, e-mail and phone numbers.Create a flowchart or site map that reflects the visitor benefits for the web siteConvert files to htmlLoad on your serverTest, test, testPromote your site


Optimizing Brochureware to Bring in Leads27Marketing Implications:SEO, list with key portals. Include useful content on your site. Understand key criteria; attempt to influence criteria.Make it easy for prospects to contact you; follow up quickly.Self-qualified leads?What the prospect does

Search the web via search engines or portals to find information and possible vendors

Identify a few suppliers who appear to meet what might be your criteria

Send e-mail to each supplier, asking for salesperson contact

Action Items to Promote Your SitePrepare good content Submit to search engines Issue and distribute press/news releases Solicit reciprocal links Buy search engine positioning (ppc engines)Try newsletter advertising Try direct mail Try opt-in e-mail Try banner advertising Try affiliate programs Try traditional media advertising (put your URL on everything!)


AdvertisingPromotion action itemsBudget allocations across online/offlineTraditional banner adsAdvertising options


Advertising Options30Payment methodsAd formatsAd deliveryIn kindSales commissionPay per clickPay per impressionSponsorshipText linksButtonsStatic bannersAnimated bannersPop-up windowsRich media pop-upsOn web siteIn e-mailIn newsletter

Customer ExpectationsSuggestions based on detailed customer input.Same day e-mail turnaround.Confirmation e-mail links to package tracking page.Customer product reviews, editorials from experts.No time limit on returns, vendor pays for return shipping, invoice includes return authorization.More than three shipping options; no charge for standard S&H.


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