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<ul><li> 1. Editing images for digipakWe have each decided to edit two parts out of the six for thedigipak, i have the front cover and inside panel, this is how I constructed my final pieces.Siobhan Fox</li></ul> <p> 2. Front cover 3. FRONT COVERI started by Importing all of the photos onto one background 4. I then deleted the background of each band member 5. I then deleted the background of each band member 6. I then changed the colour of the background and placedthe members in the positions I wanted them to be 7. Then I added text to see if it was where I wanted it to be 8. I then changed the colour of the writing and added in more text 9. I then decided that I did not like the plain pink background andthought it needed something a bit more exciting and changed the colours, I done this by using the paint bucket 10. I flattened the image so I Then I added the backgroundcould use it as a background to the pictures 11. I then changed the text to the way I wanted it to be Thenhighlightedthe background and changedthe colour 12. My first finished product I felt like this did not represent a real album cover so I then received some feedback and decided to change the background of the cover to make itmore complicated and interesting to show some more of my skills. 13. I continued with the theme of stripes as I felt that it worked well however added text into the stripes to make it more interesting 14. I then flattened the image so I could make it into abackground 15. I then inserted a black box to put the band name in as this issomething that POP girls bands do on their covers, it will alsomake the album stand out more to the audience 16. Adding text 17. Finished front cover 18. Inside panel 19. I began with a pink background to follow the theme ofa POP band 20. I then decided that the inside panel should have the song lyrics on as this is what is on the inside of POPbands digipaks 21. Changing the font 22. Inserting a title and images 23. Changing the colour of the writing and addingmore border 24. Finished inside cover 25. Finished products</p>