Editing My Cover Image For My Music Magazine

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  • 1. Editing my Cover Image for my Music Magazine
    Melissa chin

2. Before.....
3. First I made sure that the page was on an A4 setting i did this by going to file- new-blank file. Then I opened up my image from my documents.
Because one of my models in the picture is a lot lighter I had to change the lightness of the image by going to hue and saturation and changing the brightness, to make the image darker, so that I could see the features of the lighter model.
After I duplicated the background layer, and I wanted to blur the background and have the three models stand out more, to blur the whole image on the duplicated layer Iwent to filter-blur-Gaussian blur and changed the blurriness of the photo to at least 1.2-3 pixels. After this I used the rubber tool and began to rub away the areas on the models ONLY so that the look sharp and stand out more.As I did this I made sure that I didnt use the rubber to erase any of the blurriness in the background.
5. After this I used an effect on the whole picture called overlay. Which seemed to merge the colours in the background together.

6. After....