Edna’s Cookies

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This is a project a colleague and I worked on in a graduate class for marketing. After reading a short case study, we were asked to develop an integrated marketing communications plan to launch a business. All branding, marketing collateral and ROMI has been created specifically by us, for this project. We worked efficiently as a team and obtained an A grade on this project.

Text of Edna’s Cookies

  • 1. Ednas Cookies An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan By: Chantel Soumis & Camilla Zuckero
  • 2. Mission Ednas Cookies Mission Statement: Dedicated to making cookies from the freshest organic ingredients that are so special and delicious, they become part of your family traditions. 2
  • 3. Objectives Objectives: To consistently and effectively present Ednas brand message to the target segments To motivate customers to buy Ednas Cookies Method: Outline the most effective and cost efficient promotional plan for presenting brand benefits, attributes and building brand awareness and image in order to accomplish objectives 3
  • 4. Startup Recommendations Goals of Start-up stage: Create awareness and build brand image. Direct Marketing-Postcards Website-Ednascookies.com Develop Social Media Channels Introduce the brand to contact list and social network PR/Publicity-Launch party 4
  • 5. Short Term Recommendations Goals for Introductory Stage of Product: Create awareness, inform the target market & position the brand to motivate purchase. Publicity Advertising Personal Selling Social media, blogs Sales Promotions(samples) Advertising 5
  • 6. Long Term Recommendations Goals for long term success: Stimulate growth, build customer loyalty & reinforce the brand. Create an ecommerce website for growth Form a charitable event to help create brand awareness and publicity Advertising Sales Promotion-Coupons, samples seasonally for holidays and other special events Personal Selling Social Media Channels Reinforce the brand; loyalty programs 6
  • 7. Promotional Strategies Promotional Method Target Segment Advertising Regional magazines, specialty publications Mothers Groups, Families, Schools, Cafes Direct Marketing Postcards Local community Interactive/Internet Marketing Web site, Twitter, Facebook Mass Audience, Investors, Mothers Groups Sales Promotion(combined with personal selling) PR/Publicity Free samples at Festivals, Mothers Groups, Schools Farmers Markets, Local community Press releases, Charity Bake Mass Audience, Investors, Broadcast Off, Ribbon Cutting Media Personal Selling Door-to-door, Festivals, Farmers Markets, Cafes, Coffee shops Wholesalers in the community, families, mothers, community 7
  • 8. Promotional Strategies Website Mock-up Packaging Direct Mail Post Card 8
  • 9. Budget Allowance Keep $10,000 for college fund and provide $15,000 for the IMC plan. $5,000 for overhead costs o Baking materials, car seat, packaging supplies, and extra gas for deliveries $10,000 for IMC program o o o o o o Advertising ($4,000) Sales Promotion ($1,000) Direct Marketing ($500) Personal Selling ($2000) PR/Publicity ($1,000) Internet/Interactive Media ($1,500) 9
  • 10. Budget Allowance Short term: months 1-6 o 12 sales/week (avg 1dz/sale) = $6,240 Short term: months 7-12 o 20 sales/week (avg 1dz/sale) = $10,400 Long term: years 2-3 o 40 sales/week (avg 1dz/sale) = $40,600 annual revenue 10
  • 11. Monitor &Evaluation Methods Likes on FB page, Twitter followers Response to direct mailers Personal selling (immediate response) Combining sales promotions with print media, e.g. "mention this ad for 25% off" Evaluate sales numbers monthly, quarterly. After one year historical analysis using topline revenue & ROMI 11
  • 12. Ednas Cookies Thank you 12