Effective Website Planning | PodCamp Toronto 2013

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Effec­tive Web­site Plan­ning walks atten­dees through three-step process that churns out great — and delight­fully sim­ple — doc­u­men­ta­tion. The goal? Improve com­mu­ni­ca­tion, set clear expec­ta­tions, and elim­i­nate unnec­es­sary scope creep. While this pre­sen­ta­tion ref­er­ences Word­Press as an exam­ple, the take­aways hold strong for any web­site, regard­less of platform.

Text of Effective Website Planning | PodCamp Toronto 2013

  • 1. February 23, 2013Effective WebsitePlanning Toronto WordPress GroupToronto WordPress Group @ Podcamp Toronto 2013February 23, 2013 HASHTAG #WPTO ON TWITTER
  • 2. February 23, 2013Introduction Andy McIlwain (@andymci) Sales & Marketing, Kobayashi Online Account Management, WordPress Training, Customer Support Organizer, Toronto WordPress Group, Toronto WordPress Developers Group, WordCamp TO Toronto WordPress Group WordPress Advocate, Website Administrator, Web Enthusiast HASHTAG #WPTO ON TWITTER
  • 3. February 23, 2013What are we talkingabout? Toronto WordPress Group HASHTAG #WPTO ON TWITTER
  • 4. February 23, 2013Planning your Website On the fly? It works sometimes. Define in advance for accountability & timeliness. Create something tangible to present. Toronto WordPress Group HASHTAG #WPTO ON TWITTER
  • 5. February 23, 2013Step 1: Mapping Toronto WordPress GroupVisualize your plan. HASHTAG #WPTO ON TWITTER
  • 6. February 23, 2013Map it out! One of the best things taught in elementary school. Example: Creating a story. Whats involved? Visual aid helps communicate your ideas. Toronto WordPress Group HASHTAG #WPTO ON TWITTER
  • 7. February 23, 2013Mapping your Website Three Things: Design, Features, Content Design: What does it look like? Features: What can you do on your website? Content: What pages, categories, images, videos, etc...? Toronto WordPress Group HASHTAG #WPTO ON TWITTER
  • 8. February 23, 2013Example: AStandard Small CleanBusiness Site Design Blues & WhitesA (very) generic example of what asmall business site might include. Forms Features Sharing Buttons Toronto WordPress Group About Services Content Contact Testimonials Blog HASHTAG #WPTO ON TWITTER
  • 9. February 23, 2013Some tools to help you MindMeister.com Text2Mindmap.com Bubbl.us Draw (Google Docs) SmartArt (MS Office) Toronto WordPress Group HASHTAG #WPTO ON TWITTER
  • 10. February 23, 2013Step 2: Documenting Toronto WordPress GroupTying it all together. HASHTAG #WPTO ON TWITTER
  • 11. February 23, 2013Requirement Documents Organizes your thoughts. Can be followed for guidelines. An excellent appendix for larger planning docs. Toronto WordPress Group HASHTAG #WPTO ON TWITTER
  • 12. February 23, 2013 Description Requirements CommentsExample: Website DesignRequirements Colour Scheme Blues & WhitesDocument Layout MinimalistA simplified version of what we use at Clear NavigationKobayashi Online. Features Forms Contact Form Lead Capture Job Application Sharing Buttons Twitter Facebook Toronto WordPress Group LinkedIn Email Content About Staff Bios Blog No Comments HASHTAG #WPTO ON TWITTER
  • 13. February 23, 2013A Living Document Requirement documents are just the starting point. Adjust it to serve different needs. Toronto WordPress Group HASHTAG #WPTO ON TWITTER
  • 14. February 23, 2013 Description In Scope Out of Scope DesignE.g. Defining Colour Scheme Colours finalized Colour changesScope before launch. by administrator.What will and wont be done? Layout Navigation can be Layouts modified updated by site by site visitors. admin. Features Forms Can be created Conditional Logic by administrator. Sharing Buttons Custom Icons Placement on Toronto WordPress Group per-page basis. Content About Content provided Content editing by by HR dept. web designer. HASHTAG #WPTO ON TWITTER
  • 15. February 23, 2013 Description Due Date Responsibility DesignE.g. Setting Colour Scheme March 1, 2013 Marketing Dept.Deadlines Layout March 15, 2013 DesignerWhen will things be completed? Who Featuresis responsible? Forms March 18, 2013 Developer Sharing Buttons March 21, 2013 Designer (Icons) Developer (Code) Content About March 28, 2013 HR Department Toronto WordPress Group HASHTAG #WPTO ON TWITTER
  • 16.