Emergency Response Preparedness

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Emergency ResponseWhat To Do While Waiting For RespondersTriumvirate Environmental

Meet Your Moderator:Sasha Laferte

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Meet Your PresenterKevin CoulonPreventative Maintenance & Emergency Response Managerkcoulon@triumvirate.com

BS in GeorgraphyStarted with Triumvirate in 2005Previously Environmental Specialist, Operations Specialist, and Branch Manager

On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the most prepared, how prepared would you say your organization is for an ER situation?




Overflow Scenarios

Confined Space Response


Critical InformationThe WhereThe WhatThe WhoThe WhenThe How

Behavioral IncidentsNote: The majority of the incidents we respond to are at night, during the weekend, early Monday morning, holidays, or late in the day on Friday.

Critical Information to Provide to Responding ContractorRecognize this information exchange will shape the emergency contractors decisions (people/equipment)This will also help your contractor with providing recommendations as next step while waiting for responderYour name and phone number of the person who will be onsiteThe chemical(s) involved, and whether MSDSs are available.The site address, building number/name, room number, or area that has the problem.

Critical Information to Provide to Responding Contractor (Cont.)Has there been a release to the environment or is it contained within the building?If released to environment, define the media affected (soil, groundwater, surface water, concrete, asphalt, etc.)If released down a drain, define where the drain goes (treatment system, direct to sewer, etc.)The quantity releasedHelpful tip There are 7.48 gallons per cubic footCause of release

What other agencies have been contacted?What actions have you taken prior to making the call? Your expectations for clean-up.

Critical Information to Provide to Responding Contractor (Cont.)

Fascinating ER StatementsIf I call in a spill smaller than it really is, I will be charged less?Information? I dont have time right now to get you more information. Just get here now!I will not be there but knock on the door and someone there will let you inCan you give me a quote before dispatching the response crew?Please call me back at XXX-XXX-XXXX. The number you have dialed is disconnectedThis is Joe. I have a spill call me.I dont know what it is or how much of it spilled, but I need it cleaned up in 1 hour.I realize it is midnight, but can you have a crew here in five minutes?

Fascinating ER Statements (Cont.)I need you to clean out the elevator shaft. Secured? Locked Out? You are the response company, youre supposed to know that informationThere is a funny smell coming from this room. I only need one person to come help me figure it outIll take care of the spill. What do you mean training? Emergencies dont require training.

Understand you potential scenariosWalk around with key staff and/or contractor (s)Assess chemical storage practicesUpdate your chemical inventoryTrack energetic or highly hazardous materialsAssess treatment tanksIdentify high risk areas for spillsUpdate contingency plans

Ways to Prepare for Hazardous Material Incidents

Training!Review observations from the surveyTalk about worst case scenariosConduct mock DrillsTest your on call systemLimit who can make the call for outside helpMake sure they are knowledgeableMake sure the are able to make decisions needed to clean up the spill

Ways to Prepare for Hazardous Material Incidents (Cont.)

Make sure you know when outside contractors will be on site and what they will be working onAsk for an ETA and for updates if the time changesHow clean do you want the area (only remove the hazard, full decon, etc)Prepare a simplified ER binderCopy of your internal communication planPhone numbers & pagers for key staffPhone numbers for outside contractorsSite MapInformation on your most dangerous materials

Ways to Prepare for Hazardous Material Incidents (Cont.)

Worst Case Scenario vs.Best Case Scenario

Usually comes down to the following:Remaining CalmEnsure your staff is safeAccurate information is gathered by the individual(s) involved with the spillExcellent information exchangeA well prepared staff

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