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  • 1. The Future City Representation Nicolas Wong Xiao En 0314377

2. Help. 3. Mum, where you? 4. .. 5. Dad? Is that you? 6. .. 7. Mum..Dad..Where are you guys?.. 8. Am I going to die here soon...? 9. .. 10. World War III 11. Has 12. Arrived! 13. Move Now! Follow My Lead to a better city! To get a better life! To avoid from involving in World War III! 14. So..Where are we going..? 15. We are going to the new city! A underground city! 16. Atom 17. Underground..?! 18. Noooo! Impossible! 19. Tell me de reasons why should I move in there? 20. This city is built based on the strongest structure to overcome the war. 21. Geometric Shape of the city 22. The city is made up of a big atom connected with 5 small atom around it. Outer View of the Big Atom 23. 5 Small atom that connected together surrounding the big atom 24. Each atom is connected with each other by atom bond. Atom Bond 25. All the atom is made up of sphere shape to withstand the high pressure of the soil surrounding. Pressure of soil from all direction. 26. What is so special about this city? 27. The specialty of this city is the defense system. 28. All the walls of atom in this city are bullet proof. When a external force attacked from outside. The wall of the atom will absorb the high speed pressure of the external force. The external force finally stuck on the wall of the atom and will never penetrate. 29. So what is the main focus of this city? 30. Military Tower Section view Outer View Investigation Lab Security Room 31. The Military tower provide a 360 degree to observe the arrival of enemies. 32. Sound good, how about the zoning? 33. Can an underground city provide everything that I need? 34. The zoning of the city The zoning of Atom city divided into 2 parts: 1.Big Atom Zoning 2.Small Atom Zoning 35. Inner view of the atom. Zoning Area Each atom consists of 12 layers. Zoning area for all the 5 small atoms are the same. 36. 5 Small Atom Zoning Sunlight Obtain & Electric Generation Education Area Service area such as hospital and trash collector. 5 layers of residential areas Agricultural area Community Area Water Supply System Park 37. Big Atom Zoning Sunlight obtain & electric generation Open space Government building & service area Service area Religious & cultures areas Business area 38. 2 layers of commercial area Port & shipping 2 layers of industry area Water supply system 39. Education Area This layer consist of kinder gardens, primary school, secondary school and university. Education play an important role in this city to educate every citizen. 40. Service Area Service area includes type of services that bring citizen a better life. These services include hospital, police station, fire department, rubbish collector and also other services. 41. Residential Area Each of the small atom consists of 5 layers residential area. Each layer of the residential area consists of many blocks. Each block consists of many families that live in different unit. 42. Agricultural Area Agricultural area consists of a few farms. Some of the farms also plant vegetables for the citizens food supply. 43. Community Area Community area is a place for all the citizen to communicate and improve their relationship. Community area also consists a park that people may use to jog and for healthy purpose. Citizen may feel the taste of nature here. 44. Open Space Open space is a space that is empty in the city. This space may use for development purpose or event purpose. 45. Religious Area This area consists of churches, temples, mosques and other religion places. All the prayers go to their own religion place during festival. 46. Government Buildings Government buildings were built for making some documents such as birth cert, passport and national card. Government buildings also became a places where citizens can pay their electric fees and water fees. 47. Business Area Business area is a area where citizen make deal and also trading to earn salary. Business area includes bank and invest centre. 48. Commercial Area This area sells citizens daily needs such as clothes and accessories. This area also include the entertainment area such as cinema, pub and lounge. 49. Port & Shipping Area All the goods imported will store at here and wait for the buyer to receive. The whole layer are placed with cargo to store the goods. 50. Industry Area Goods are produced in this layer. Industry area gives the job opportunities to citizens to earn for their own salary. 51. How about the transportation? 52. If I want to move from point A to point B? 53. Transportation of the city Train within atom. Train from small atom to big atom vice versa. Train along outer of the city. 54. The Family Pack Train Light and fast Travel within the red atom Suitable for a family to travel Each layer of the atom provided the train service 55. Route of the red train The train may go up a level or remain at the level. The train keep on turning around the city to fetch citizen. 56. Can I drive my lovely Mini Cooper there? 57. Double Decker Train Vehicles Passenger seats Use to transfer vehicles from small atom to big atom vice versa Service provided in the green zone. 58. Its getting more interesting! But how can I live there without any energy source? 59. Electric supply system Low Line Water collection from underground Water Storage 80% of the water use as water supply for daily use 20% of the water use to generate turbine Water flow under each layer. Electric flow above the layer. Energy Supply system 60. I hope that I can move there now! 61. It totally change my image towards the underground city! 62. Lets Go! 63. Thank You!