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  • 1. Move at a Digital Speed Business DNA & Rapid Evolution Evolution = Sex, Mutation & Death1

2. Enabling People with Ideas to MarketFind, create and share your interestsCome spread your ideas on clothing & accessoriesSpreadshirts e-commerce platform lets anyone create, sell, and buy ideas on products consumers love to wear, use, and carry.2 3. What does the Platform do? 1) Idea owners can place ideas on 140 apparel and accessory base products in a virtual way. No charges & nothing is printed until sold.5) Spreadshirt pays a profit to the ideas owner4) Spreadshirt handles the transaction, print, delivery and the Customer Service 32) Articles are sold via multiple points of sales: Spreadshirt own Shops White Label Shops Social Media Shops Amazon Tool Integrations3) Partners own customers or Spreadshirt/Amazons customers buy the ideas. No Minimum Order 4. Actually 5 different modelsCreate Your Own designer with 300k Crowdsource designedSell to own audience via a white label shopSell on a Spreadshirt Marketplace with 600k Crowdsourced ideasSell on marketplaces like Amazon4Sell however the partner likes but integrate directly with the platform & factories API 5. Spreadshirt is a Global Platform The platform enables both local and international ideas to market North America(1) Population: 347m Internet Users: 273m Legnica 90,000 selling ideas owners per quarter Production Marketed to 17 countries worldwide 9 languages & 7 currencies Berlin International Sales and 3.2 million items sold in 2012 Marketing, QA, laFraise 36% in North America and 58% in EU Amsterdam Delivered to 45 countries worldwide Sales London SalesBoston US HQ, Sales & MarketingLeipzig Global HQ & Production)Las Vegas Production Greensburg Production & US OperationsParis Sales4 identical factories ensure high speed delivery, high quality and scalable serviceSource: Internet World Stats. (1) Includes: Canada, Mexico and US. (2) Includes: Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe.5Europe(2) Population: 816m Internet Users: 501m 6. Examples of Speed & Evolution6 7. A Platform With a Winning Revenue Formula Launching Spreadshirt Positioning as a platformAccelerated profitable growth 75.0mSpreadshirt starts operations 100 Shop Partners registeredExpansion of business model to D2C Internationalization, l aunch of US business Start of own production/fulfillmentOpening of Berlin & Boston offices2nd factory in North American to open in Las Vegas62.1m First financing round from AccelSecond financing round with Kennet & Accel New executive team appointedAPI enables partners to create their own applications45.8m2002200320042005200620072008200927.8m20102011201220112012200m In 201631.8m26.3m 20.1m 16.0m 8.2m0.1m0.5m200220032.3m20042005200620072008 7200920102013 8. If Your Business was an Animal8 9. Meaning of Life? Food Animal: Acquisition of energy Business: Acquisition of revenue Absolute customer focus Attract customers to you Other sexier animals will steal them DNA Growth Animal: Evolution is exchange & recombination of DNA Business: Building team skills, knowledge & action Fast thinking and acting teams drive product development Product development is the sexiness that attracts customers Absolute customer focus should be part of DNA 9 10. Your Team is DNA10 11. Making Effective Team DNA Ego led single visionary is not sustainable My DNA will die, retire or get poached for big money My team DNA already has over 500 years of knowledge & skills Grooming and Intelligent Design of Team DNA Sex: Bringing in new knowledge & skills Mutation: Creating new ideas Death: Killing old DNA and making room for new 11 12. Sex in the Office: Ideas & Knowledge Sex Aim to create a new beast New people = new DNA Do: Acquire different people that do not fit current team Do not: Turn them into you Acquisition other companies Do: Buy challenges Do not: Bring in same Training may not be right Training slow and recycles New experiences 12 13. Mutation of Ideas Do Not Brainstorm Mass mutation = bad 1 off events Often not positive ideas Team interaction Coffee Points Feel good manager Encourage Conflicts Creative differences Restructure Move people around 13 14. Death in the Office: Opportunity Changing DNA Old DNA has to go Phases are different Need staff turnover Pay to leave Restructure out Self poach Radical Moves of People Move to new departments Mix people together 14 15. Customer Focus Focus of DNA Healthiest DNA can Starve to Death. Reverse Process Animals eat to replicate DNA Business replicates DNA to eat DNA needs purpose Customer centric Understand attracting customer Customer choice is one click away Total Customer Focus Meet the customer Understand the customer Adapt to the customer15 16. Example of Bad DNA?16 17. Beware the Selfish Gene17 18. Enabling People with Ideas to MarketFind, create and share your interestsCome spread your ideas on clothing & accessoriesSpreadshirts e-commerce platform lets anyone create, sell, and buy ideas on products consumers love to wear, use, and carry.18 19. Summary Find the Beast in Your Business Survival of the fittest = SPEED = best DNA Business Beast Speed is everything Driven by team DNA Manage your DNA Sex Mutation Death Customers are food Make DNA Customer Focus Total customer focus19 20. Thank you for your attention Philip Rooke CEO Spreadshirt phr@spreadshirt.net20