Ethnography One Day Workshop

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<ul><li> 1. Presenting Ethnographya cultural approach to marketing and developmentChauncey Zalkin 2009 </li></ul> <p> 2. What is it?How does it work?Some ExamplesNow you do it 3. The new core competency is ethnography. Companies use it to gain insights into the culture and behavior of their customers. But the demands of business are different from those of an anthropologist doing eld research. The most obvious is speed. Business Week 6/06 4. anthropology / n.the study of humankind, the comparative study of human societies and cultures and their developmentAntropologa: estudio de los seres humanos desde una perspectiva biolgica, social y humanista. 5. Observation 6. And participation 7. Ethnography 8. Both a method and a product 9. What is the difference between ethnography and classic qualitative market research? 10. Ethnographers enter the naturalhabitat 11. adapting to their surroundings 12. Using an array of story-telling tools 13. they immerse themselves 14. Traditional Focus Groups 15. Verification vs. Discovery 16. What I say What I do 17. What I didnt know I needed 18. The world is changing so rapidly 19. How can ethnography help us in thebusiness environment? 20. To gain insider information 21. To explore emerging and unmet needs 22. Test developing theory 23. Revise as you go 24. Find out how people live with existing products 25. You never know what you will learn. 26. Stop guessing. 27. So how do we do this? 28. Choose who you want to speak to 29. Find a way in 30. Interviews / Videography / JournalingAccompaniedDay-in-the-lifepurchaseAnd in our case, quickly Observed Product Usage Mystery Shopping Investigation ofcultural artifactsGuerrilla/blitzkrieg ethnography Open-ended Cultural studies ..Other methodologies and parameters 31. Method: observed product usage in private settings 32. Method: observed purchase or mystery shopping 33. Synthesize. &amp; Discover deeper insights. 34. Case study; digital ethnography: Pink 35. Case study; Journal Ethnography: truth 36. checks and balances 37. Now you be the subject 38. Now lets try it on one of your current challenges 39. THE CHECKLIST Substantive Contribution: Does the piece contribute to our understanding of social-life?Aesthetic Merit: Does this piece succeed aesthetically?Reexivity: How did the author come to write this text. Was there adequate self-awareness and self-exposure for the reader to make judgments about the point of view?Impact: Does this affect me? Emotionally? Intellectually? Does it move me?Expresses a Reality: Does it seem truea credible account of a cultural, social, individual, or communal sense of the real? -Laurel Richardson, Professor Emeritus Sociology, The Ohio State University 40. Some tips 41. The End </p>