European Cyprus Citizenship and Permanent Residency Immigration

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Naturalisation of Investors by Exceptioninvestors inon Cypriot citizensl can acquire the Cyprus Citizenship by Naturalization,on the basis of the Decision by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of cyprus in mi 5BenefitsEuropean Cyprus Citizenship for applicant and familyExcellent rental yield rrom investmentsEuropean union citizen rights.employment.medical and schoolingFree Movement - Freely travel and reside (and work) WIUl| l'I die EU Freedom to establish a business in a European countryFree Movement of CapitalFree Movement of Services Establishment and free movement of services No requirement to physically reside in cyprusDual Citizenship for applicant and familyEase of travel to other European countries and non European countriesThe fast track process.the investment eventually allows the applicant land eventually his wife and children) to hold a Cyprus EU member state country passport within so daysThe Cyprus citizenship program is currently one of the most desirable immigration programs in Europe attracting a huge response due to the very attractive key benetsKey pointsPassports will be issued within a period of approximately 90 daysPassports will be issued to the investor.their rnarried spouse and dependent children up to age 28. provided they are in full-tirne educationNo requirement to physically reside in Cyprusit enables access to the excellent education and heallhcare institutesFREEHOLD residential and FREEHOLD commercial properties with excellent rental yieldCyprus allows dual citizenshi it is very beneficial to have dual Citizenship.particularly EU.for many reasons includingCypriot citizens enioy the freedom to and travel throughout EuropeCypriot passport holders are entitled to travel visafree to more than 140 countriescypriot passport holders can quickly and cost-effectively obtain visas for other countries,such as the USA Tax benefits Applicant does not become a tax resident in Cyprus.unless he/ she spends more than l83 days in any one calendar yearOur Company Directors would welcome the opportunity to tell you about our cunent programs and discuss the prospect or a business collaboration with your respected Company Please advise of a suitable date and time that you would be available to speak with us.provide also a direct telephone numberThe advantages our Group can offer clients: I.The Cl(lZEliSl'Ilp by investment law and regulations in Cyprus requires from a single investor to invest in a residential property for their own purpose to the minimum value of 6500K and invest additionally 65 million plus VAT in residential or commercial property.According to the new regulation a group of 5 investors who submit their applications as a group investment,not necessarily the investments purchased from the same prolect.allows each individual investor to either invest in a single or more than one residential property to me value or e2 5 million plus 5% vAT and no transfer fees UR alternatively to purchase a residential and commercial properties combined to the value of 8 million which will include a residential property for dieir own purpose to the value of minimum ESOOK or above The property which will be declared as their own residential property will mean that the owner will enioy the benefit of having to only pay the 5 % vAT and no transfer fee.but all other investment properties within the szi million lrlve5trnerlL then the VAT will be payable at the rate of 19% and they will also pay me transfer feesour network regularly have clients who are interested and ready to begin the group investment program,therefore we are continually in a position to coordinate a group of investors and can include your client within this group of the investment as described above2. As our group has real estate properties in very attractive and prime locations,we can offer either beach front or city centre properties that can provide a high rental yield and excellent growth investment potential as well being desirably resaiapie after the 3rd year of receiving citizenship3. As our group are also property developers we can offer to die client a high quality maintenance,rental and management service4. Due to the fact that our group is continually approached by high net worth investors interested in our programs,this means that our Company is generally in a position to resell your clients properties to our prospective investors Ztyears after receiving the citizenship aproval5. Our group is experienced with all the process and government departments and have established a connection with the authorities in order to confidently achieve the success of the approval for the client provided that the applicant fulfils the required CTl[eflOl'l5. Even though the law requires full payment of the properties prior to submission of the application.our legal department suggests to hold the clients funds in the clients account and will release the funds simultaneously to be paid to the vendor upon receipt of approval or returned to the client if they are not approved.In this way by orfering this service the client is assured that we are securing their interests. 1. All process and money transfers will only be arranged by the legal consultant in order to secure the interest of the clienLCitizenship & Legal fees Total of 50000 e VAT for main applicantCyprus Permanent ResidencyThe cyprus covemment as part of the European union encourages investors and their family to obtain a Permanent Residency Permit via investment in Cyprus dirough residential and/ or commercial Freehold investment propertycriteria. The applicants investment will be a minimum of esooooo in Freehold residential or commercial propeny submission of an application can include approval for the applicants spouse and children less than is years of age.The applicant must have a clear criminal recordThe applicant must have a proof of a secure income. A deposit in a financial institution in Cyprus of an amount of 80.000 which will remain for three yearsBenefits and Advantages: Fast Track applications with processing times of so 70 days for rinal approvalThere is no requirement to live permanently in Cyprus to maintain the permitPermit is granted for indefinite duration with one off application no renewalcyprus is a Full member in the Eu since 2004.High standard of international schooling and universitiessecond secure family home investmentExcellent Modern medical facilitiesDirect nights to and from many countries inside and outside Europe from the 2 main international airports of cyprus Travel more freely to other European countriesPermanent Resident holders are exempt from any taxes payable in Cyprus from overseas income. Popular touristic Mediterranean Island offers good investmentsLow Corporate Tax and Double Tax TreatiesEnglish language widely spokenvery high level of safety and political stability. Permanent Residents of Cyprus can establish business in the European union and expand business environment WIUl very low crimeMulticultural societyServices: consult on the requirements of the application processAdvise on questions or any issues that need to be clarifiedAssistance in drafting of relevant required documentsContinuous review of the application documentation with the authorities Monitor the status of the review by the authoritiesAct as a liaison with authorities during the examination ofdie application'