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  • 1. Reece Bahia

2. In what ways does yourmedia product use,develop or challenge andconventions or real mediaproducts? 3. As it is shown here that I have followed one of the conventions that has been used by the realmedia product producer. I took this idea on board when I researched into similar products and Itook ideas of what I would try to use in my media product. I believe that it is useful to showsomewhere in the trailer what the movie is going to be called so that the audience know whatthey are watching. Also, it is also useful for he audience to know if the producers have madeother movies and if the other movie was interesting to watch then the audience may like to watchthis movie trailer/movie. I have tweaked my text as I want the Just Leave in bright red colours sothat it would stand out from the black background and that the font that has been used on thetext is clear so that it is clear enough for the audience to read what is available on the page. Ihave made Outraged bigger than the other text so the audience can clearly identify what thetrailer is called. I have also met another convention of a real media product as the backgroundbehind the text is black and this is done effectively as the background outlines evilness and itworks with the colour of the text. I did this as my storyline outlines evilness and my text colour iswhite and red as it stands out better than any other colour. 4. As it is shown here that I have followed a convention that has been used by a real mediainstitution. I took this idea on board when I looked at this when I was researching into similarproducts. I tried this idea with my characters and happily enough it worked. I did this by a stillshot as this actually worked with the Bend it like Beckham scene that was used in the trailer andI feel that it was not necessary to use the pan effect on this shot. The only thing I changed was,in Bend it like Beckham the character falls on the floor in which it causes tension between thetwo team and I did not want this and this is why my character stays on his feet in which it flowsonto the next shot. When Bend it like Beckham have produced this scene, they have chosen toinclude other characters in the background, I have also done this as it adds the effect to thescene as I wanted to make it to an effective surrounding to make it look professional. 5. I did not follow the conventions of a real media product as I did not feel that it waseffective enough for it to work on my trailer. The convention that I did not follow wasthe short snapshots within the trailer as I tried this effect on my trailer but I feel thatthe idea that I had in mind worked better with my storyline and sound. I also took intoconsideration of my research and planning into similar media products as when I wasresearching, I looked at many different trailers and most of the trailers were not shortand snappy scenes. Also I produced a questionnaire for my fellow students to fill outwhether or not the short and snappy scenes within the trailer were better than thelonger scenes were better for my trailer. I concluded the results and it resulted thatmy fellow students preferred the longer scenes were better for my trailer and this isthe idea I had in mind. Furthermore, I looked at the trailers that was the same genrethat I was going to be producing a trailer on and it was shown that they had longerscene shots that was shown to the audience and this is what I wanted to happen inmy trailer. 6. As it is shown that I have followed the convention of real media product. Idid this as a real media product is made by professionals so I would takeinspiration from this so that my trailer can be half as good as a professionaltrailer. I followed the convention of the effect of the use of dip to blackbetween each scene of the trailer. I used this effect as it is very effectivebetween the use of scenes as there is no straight cut between the scenes. Italso leads it nicely into the next scene. With the use of dip to black itslows the trailer down a little which is effective in the use of a longer shottime of the scene. It worked really well when I researched into the similarproducts and so I tried it on my trailer and it works really well with myscenes. 7. This shows that theconventions of the realmedia product is the sameas to my media product. Asit is shown that the title ofthe magazine is big andlong in which it stretchesacross the page. Also thefont that has been used onthis magazine is thin andlong in which it is similar tomy media product and I feelthat it is better when it is likethis as the bold writing takesup to much space on themagazine. Also some of themain image covers part ofthe letters of the title inwhich was effective as themain image of a magazineis meant to be big so that itattracts the audience toread the magazine. 8. This shows that the conventions of the real media product is the same as to my mediaproduct. As it is shown that the articles are placed in the same manner as a real mediaproduct. I took this inspiration on board when I looked into similar products and I sawthis when I came across it. I like this idea as the articles are placed and aligned to theleft in which the layout of the magazine is effective. I also liked the way that the mainarticles are much larger than the others. Also the article on the left hand side of the pageis effective in the way that it is placed as it does not cover the main attraction point onhis face. This is why I originally took this idea on board as the layout of the articles onthe page was very effective as it works well around the main image. 9. As it is shown from the above is that my media product is similar to the real media product. Thisshows that I have followed the conventions of a real media product as the size of the image thathas been used on real media product is the same size as my image on my product. I feel thatthe size of the image is effective as it will attract the audience and the way that the real mediaproducers have laid out the page is similar into what I have produced. The only aspect that isdifferent is the way that I have directed my character to do in the image but this does not effectthe convention as it is situated in the same place on the page. 10. This shows that the conventions of the real media product is the same as to my mediaproduct. As it is shown that the article at the bottom of the page is situated in the same placeon the page as it is mainly placed towards the bottom of the page so that it does not cover anyof the main image and this is what both products have followed. Also the colours that havebeen used on the text outstand from the background in which it is effective so that theaudience can make out as to what it says. This is a convention that the real media producersfollow into making a successful magazine. Also the main article is big on the real mediaproduct and my media product. This is another convention that the real media producersfollow into making a successful magazine. Also the article underneath the main article issmaller on both products as it is not as important as the main article is to the audience. 11. As it is shown above that the title of the movie is situated at the top of the page. The reason Iplaced the movie title at the top of the page is that it will attract the audience into knowing what themovie is named, this may the reason as to why the real media product has done the same. Also thefont that has been used on this poster for the title looks similar to my font that has been used, this isconvention that all media product producers follow as the font has to be clear and effective in whichmy media product and the real media product is. Also the size of both titles are similar as they bothfilm the top of the page in which it has to as titles are always big on the page for the audience tosee this. 12. As it is shown from this is that I have followed the conventions of a real media product. This isdone by the placement of the main image on the front cover of the page, I took inspiration from thereal media product poster as I liked the way that the character was situated in the poster. I alsohad the idea to add bullying words around him in which this image and the way that it was going tobe placed on the page would have been effective. The only thing that I did not follow is that thesize of the image on the real media product is bigger in which I already decided when I looked atthis poster was that I was not going to be making my image that big. Also the producers of the realmedia product have placed a quote at the top of the page, I liked this idea and took this on boardand incorporated this into my media product but I did not follow the convention of the way that it issituated on the page as I aligned my quote to the left. 13. How did you use mediatechnologies in theconstruction and research,planning and evaluationstages? 14. Adobe Premier Pro Software Adobe Photo Shop Software Memory Sticks and Memory Cards Prezi Slideshare Camera Fujifilm Computer and Laptop 15. Without Adobe Premier Pro Software I would not have been able toproduce my trailer effectively. Premiere Pro has also allowed me toedit my trailer to a good standard. When I used Adobe Premier Proit allowed me to use editing techniques such as Dip to Black inwhich it has allowed my trailer to flow better as this is what I hadfound out when I researched into similar products. This was not allgood as throughout the use of Adobe Premier Pro, we had manytechnical difficulties towards the start of the project and the editingof my trailer as my computer continually crashed and some of myprojects did not open. Personally, I feel that Adobe Premier Pro was an effective programand that it was easy to use and Adobe Premier Pro allowed me touse the tools to create an effective trailer. 16. Adobe Photoshophas been effective in allowing me to create myposter and magazine as a part of the ancillary task. My ancillarytask was to create a poster and magazine in relation to my trailer.Adobe Photoshop was easy for me to use as I have been using thissoftware for many years now, this allowed me to use the tools that Iam aware of. The tools that I used were blurring, erasing, lassotools, cropping andair brushtools to gain the desired poster ormagazine effect I wanted. I faced no technical difficulties with this program in which it allowedme to finish my magazine and poster in quick and easy time. If Iwas going to do my magazine and poster again then I would use adifferent variety of colours and designs. 17. I used a standard Memory Stick to carry my work over to anothermachine as when I witnessed technical difficulties with my machine,I transferred my work on my memory stick so that I could carry onwith my work. My memory stick was essential as it allowed me tonot lose my shots and my trailer. When we first began to create mytrailer, we specifically used standard computers in our school classroom. Despite this, we were fortunate to be able to use Apple Maccomputers and this meant I had to back files up so we were thenable to complete my trailer on the Apple Mac computers. I did not face any overall problems with the use of a memory stick. 18. Slideshare is an internet based programme in which it has allowedme to publish my work that has been produced on PowerPoint ontomy blog. I have had only one issue and that is when I haveuploaded my Slideshare onto Wordpress, it cannot be shown to meas the school network does not allow me to read what has beenproduced on PowerPoint. The program is quick and easy to access and upload ontoWordpress, I am also know how to use this program effectively as Iused this program in AS media. 19. I used the Fujifilm camera which was provided by the school. I usedthis camera as I was recording my footage within my school time inwhich I used this camera to record my footage with and to take mymagazine and poster images for this project. In general, the Fujifilmcamera was very easy to use and the footage that was taken by thiscamera was effective and in a good condition. I had no major problems in the use of the camera and I had alreadyused this camera for my AS media project. 20. I have used both computer and laptops to create and present mywork within research, construction, ancillary and evaluation stages.The laptop has allowed me to do work in my own time out of schoolhours. The computer was essential for my project as my work iscomputer based. Using the computer and laptop, it has allowed meto be more independent and more interactive and without use thecomputer and my laptop then I would not be able to produce anywork for my A2 media coursework. I had only one issue with the school computer as I could not accessmy Adobe Premiere Pro files in which we were allowed to accessthe Apple Mac computers to finish our project. 21. What have you learnedfrom your audiencefeedback? 22. Once I completed my trailer, I wanted to receivesome feedback on my trailer from my peers. Tofind out the information that I wanted, I created aquestionnaire in which it allowed me to find out thepositive and negative aspects of my trailer and theimprovements that I would make if I were to dothis project again. 23. The feedback has allowed me to find out the positive aspects of mytrailer. Some of my positive aspects of my trailer is that from my 5questionnaires that they would be interested into watching the fullmovie as they wanted to know what happens in the end and that thestoryline drags you in to watch the movie. Also the feedback that Ihad was that the storyline was clear and that the first two charactersare in love and that the other characters get involved an ruin the lifeof one particular character. A question that was asked in thequestionnaire was whether the sound worked well with my scenesand that my feedback responded well as they said that the twosound clips that have been used in my trailer have worked welltogether because one is up beat and the other is sad and that thesad music shows depression within my scenes and the choice ofartist was chosen very well. 24. It also shown from my feedback that the language that was used inmy trailer was appropriate for the audience to listen to and that onequestionnaire came back and that it shown that it also suited thecharacters as they were very fluent. Also another positive aspect isthat the feedback from the questionnaire is that they all knew whatgenre the trailer was and it is Romance. Another positive about mytrailer is that the location of my trailer suited my genre as manyquestionnaire believed it was the right location for the genre as thestoryline was about a school so it was just right for the location to bein a school. From my feedback it is shown that the ages of mycharacters suited the storyline of my trailer. 25. What do you like about the trailer?Questionnaire 1: The way that the emotions switch throughout the trailer.Questionnaire 2: The storyline works well with the characters and the characters did well with theacting and a good trailer overallQuestionnaire 3: The storyline is very clever and the way that it has been constructed is very effective.Questionnaire 4: The sound that was used in the trailer and some of the camera shots that was used.Questionnaire 5: The way that the director used his surroundings for the storyline of the trailer. 26. It also shown from my feedback that one questionnaire had cameback and they did not understand the football scene and that it didnot work well with the rest of the trailer. Also there were questionmarks raised on a couple of questionnaires as it was not clear tothem what genre was the trailer. Some of the questionnaires statedthat I should refer back to my text within my trailer to edit it to soundmuch more interesting to the audience. Some people respondedand said that they did not like that some scenes were 3-5 secondslong and they prefer 1-3 seconds. 27. What do you think can be improved if the project was to bedone again?Questionnaire 1: Some of the focus in the scenes and the last text made no text so I wouldadvise you to change that.Questionnaire 2: Make the writing stand out more.Questionnaire 3: Improve the quote at the beginning of the trailer.Questionnaire 4: Consider to change the sound at the start of the trailer.Questionnaire 5: Make the sound last until the end of the trailer. 28. How effective isthe combinationof your mainproduct andancillary texts? 29. The combination of film trailers, posters and magazines all are usedas advertising techniques. Therefore it was important for me tocreate my media products so that they were successful inadvertising my film trailer Outraged. My main task was to create atrailer and the ancillary task in which it included the creation of aposter and magazine that in relation to my trailer Outraged. Toensure that the trailer, poster and magazine were related, I did thisby making a storyline behind my magazine and poster in which itrelated this to my trailer.