Facebook & Twitter 101

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Very basic Facebook and Twitter setup and information gear toward small businesses and real estate agents.

Text of Facebook & Twitter 101

  • 1. Why Social Media?
    Because its where your nextclient is.

2. How Many People
Have a Facebook Personal Page
Have a Facebook Business or Fan Page
Have a Twitter Account
Have a Linked In Account
Have Custom URLs on Facebook and LinkedIn?
3. The Best Social Media Is Interactive
Its a conversation between you and others.
4. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
Facebook Friends, Family
Twitter Only 140 characters primarily text
LinkedIn Professional Network
5. All Three
Status updates
Feeds can be connected
Blogs posts can be automatically added
6. Naming Your Page
Whats your goal?
SEO Are you trying to drive search traffic to your site?

  • Consistency Can you be consistent with your Domain/Facebook /Twitter/WordPress names?Internet Real Estate is cheap.

7. Easy to remember, Easy to type