Facts about Car Accidents

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Facts about Car Accidents

Facts about Car Accidents

Several car accidents occur in the U.S. and around the world every year. The happen for a variety of reason, and some result in injury or death. The reasons for the accidents vary, but can include reason related to circumstance, such as the weather, or driver impairment, such as being under the influence of alcohol. Below are some facts about automobile accidents in the U.S.

Many Fatal Crashes Involve Alcohol Alcohol is a factor in about 39 percent of all crashes. These crashes are more likely to be fatal, and they are more like to occur at night. People ages 21 to 25 are more like to be involved in an alcohol-related crash and these crashes are more likely to happen at night. Some Are Weather Related Crashes Weather-related crashed account for about 28 percent of crashes. Poor driving conditions such as rain, sleet, and snow can affect drivers visibility and make the roads slippery for driving. Children Are Killed By School Buses About 14 children are killed every year in accidents with school buses. This is why many safety laws are in place to prevent such accidents

Young People Are More Likely to Be in Accidents People ages 16 to 20 are more like to be in accidents than any other age group. These drivers are younger and more inexperience, so they tend to get into crashes. Accidents happen, and we are always trying to prevent them. To learn more about a car accident attorney in Wilmington visit this website www.davidandassociates.com/car-accident