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  • 1. Final editing (Cover)
    • Here is the final edit of my front cover, I have added subheadings and text (mainly to the left third of the cover), taking care that no text blends in with the background.
    • My colour scheme is black, white, yellow and purple.
    • Text that I want to be noticed first is highlighted in yellow, all other texts are in white or grey. The yellow is a bolder and more striking colour making it stand out from the page.
    • I coloured and added a shape to masthead to make it look more psychedelic , artistic and professional.
    • I added a bar code and price, both are in a corner of the cover so they interfere with the layout as little as possible and are not noticed straight away.
  • 2. Final editing (Contents)
    • Here is the final edit of my contents page, I have grouped each section of text using white lines which stand out from the background but do not interfere with the flow of the text.
    • I have highlighted things in the contents that are on the cover in yellow and added an image of the cover to the page. This allows the consumer to navigate the magazine well.
    • I have also added an editors note and a photo of the editor (I took the photo using a timed camera).
    • I have stuck to my colour scheme though no purple is used (apart from the image of the cover) this however is not important, adding more colour may make the page confusing to read and make the page look crowded.
  • 3. Final editing (Double page)
    • Here is the final edit of my double page spread, I have separated the text into columns leaving a gap in the middle for the fold in the page. I have also added a border which I made on word and Photoshopped into the image using the Opacity tool.
    • I have made the large text the same colour as the album review box, this is because I only use one shade of both yellow and
    • purple throughout so I do
    • not confuse the image or
    • make the page look
    • unprofessional .
    • I added a page number to the
    • the right hand side of the
    • page, I did not add one on
    • the left as I thought it was
    • unnecessary and would
    • crowd that corner of the
    • page.