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1. Find the Best Restaurants in New York City with Restaurant Review Blog 2. TeresaTastes Blog Help You Locate Nice Restaurants in NYC Teresa Moore is a model with a very big appetite, not just for food, but for life. She enjoys food, fashion and travel, and all of them have a place on her blog. If you're in the New York City area and are looking for one of the nice restaurants in NYC to eat, use her blog as a means of deciding. On it are dozens of the best places in town. Included with each entry are descriptive pictures of entrees and location. She includes these so you can determine which restaurant will suit your needs of the day the best. 3. A List of some of the Nice Restaurants in NYC Virtually every ethnicity is represented here. If you're looking for Asian style cooking, you can't go wrong with Wong. Located in the small West Village on Cornelia Street, this Asian fusion establishment always serves up a fantastic meal at a decent price. Recommendations include Scallops with Crispy Duck Tongues, Short Rib Dumplings, and Typhoon Lobster. Feeling more like Mexican? La Cenita in the meat packing district delivers delicious Mexican dishes like Hamachi Ceviche, Lamb Taco, Short Ribs Taco and the Branzino. As the newest Mexican restaurant in New York City, La Cenita took over the old space occupied by Abe and Arthur. This is one of the nice restaurants in NYC because of the cool crowd, smart service and delectable dishes. 4. A List of Restaurants in NYC Or perhaps French is more your style this evening. The Lafayette Grand Caf chef is none other than Andrew Carmellini, one of Teresa Moore's favorite chefs and he offers up modern, lighter versions of the French classics. You will find everything from Chicken Paillard to Truffle Scallops here, as well as steaks, fluffy eggs, and delicate fish. In true Parisian tradition, the service is not always on the mark, but it makes the list of nice restaurants in NYC because that just adds to the ambience. 5. Paris is known for their Cuisine Teresa Moore believes that no one should have to endure a bad meal in an unsavory restaurant. That's why she created TeresaTastes, so people could refer to her blog and decide from there, which of the nice restaurants in NYC to visit. See more at 6. Contact: Tel: 212 966 7900 Email: URL:


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