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Firefox download extensions serve a lot of purposes for users. Some of them are intended for easier management of bookmarks while others enhance the browser's appearance. A lot of users though download these extensions so they can have a safer web browsing experience. Here are some extensions that you can download today to make your Firefox an even more secure browser.


  • 1. Firefox download extensions serve a lot ofpurposes for users. Some of them are intended foreasier management of bookmarks while othersenhance the browsers appearance. A lot of usersthough download these extensions so they canhave a safer web browsing experience. Here aresome extensions that you can download today tomake your Firefox an even more secure browser.

2. Perhaps the most known extension for a MozillaFirefox download browser is Adblock Plus.Adblock performs exactly what its name states. Itblocks ads or advertisements from popping onyour monitor. With this extension installed in yourbrowser, you will be able to avoid pop-ups andother types of advertisements that may interruptyou while browsing. By preventing these ads fromappearing, Adblock lets you surf the Web with lessinterruptions and distractions. It also prevents youfrom accidentally clicking ads that may containlinks to websites that have security issues. 3. Another extra feature that you can install on yourFirefox download browser is an extension calledNoScript. This add-on blocks scripts that mightharm your computer. It will notify you in case youare about to enter a website that has harmfulscripts. If you allow it, you could access sites thatcontain scripts. Make sure though that you onlyallow websites that you trust. If in doubt, searchreviews about the website before proceeding. 4. In case you cant decide if you should trust a particularwebsite or not, you can ask WOT (Web Of Trust). WOT isan extension that helps you decide by providing you withtraffic-light rating symbols. It warns the user of a websitethat may contain scams and malicious software. WOT willalso activate when the website you are about to visit poststhe risk of delivering spam. This is a very useful tool forusers who shop online though their Firefox downloadbrowser. 5. For users who shop online, another MozillaFirefox download extension you can install onyour browser is BetterPrivacy. This add-onprevents websites from installing super cookies inyour browser. Regular cookies may be installed bywebsites on your browser to enhance yourbrowsing experience. For example, a website mayinstall a cookie on your browser to take note ofyour location or preferences. That way, the websitewill show more relevant content in your next visit.Super cookies, however, are a different banana. 6. They cannot be deleted within the browser. Youwould need to tinker with your computers settingsmanager just to remove them. The scariest part isthey can send your browsing history to the "motherwebsite" without your permission. Be safe andsecure when using the Firefox download browser.Download and install these extensions today.