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  • 1. Firefox DownloadUpgrades for Function &Security

2. A Firefox download is a good browserwhether for leisure or business. But thisease of use also exposes it to variousdangers from the online world, especiallywhen users are a bit careless of the sitesthey visit. That is why you need to makesure your browser is improved withupgrades for function and security. Hereare some of the ways that you can do that. 3. To improve the functionality of your MozillaFirefox download, you can install "plug-ins."These are basically a type of add-ons thatcan improve the browsers capability torecognise more types of content. As youmay know, there are some file formats thatare read only through patented technologythats constantly updated by its creator. Agood example is Silverlight, which is madeby PC creators Microsoft. You cannot viewcontent thats delivered through Silverlightunless you have the plug-in installed in yourFirefox download browser. 4. Another good example of plug-in isQuickTime, which is, interestingly fromMicrosofts rival, Apple Inc. Some videosare streamed only through the QuickTimeplug-in. To increase the functionality of yourbrowser, you would have to install theseadd-ons. A more common example of aplug-in though would be Flash. This plug-inis responsible for playing FLV video formatson your Mozilla Firefox downloadbrowser. 5. Apart from functionality, it is important to takenote of security. That is why there are alsoupgrades intended to increase the securitycapabilities of a Firefox download browser. Youcan install add-ons on your browser for thispurpose. One of the most common add-onsinstalled for security is Web Of Trust, or simplyWOT. This extension allows you to visit the webwithout accidentallyvisitingdangerouswebsites. It acts as an early alarm system thatnotifies you when youre about to enter awebsite that has security issues. In short, itsaves you from websites that might send youspam and dangerous software. 6. A crowd favourite among Mozilla Firefoxdownload users would be Adblock. Also a typeof security extension, this add-on lets youbrowse online without being bothered by pop-ups and other kinds of advertisements. Thinkabout it. If you dont see the ads on yourmonitor, you wont be able to click them. Thatlessens your chances of falling for dubious adsthat lead to infection-causing websites. It alsolessens the occurrence of accidental ad clicks.Again, this saves you from the possibility ofclicking a dangerous link that might sendspyware or malware to your computer. That isperhaps the reason why around 800,000 copiesthe Adblock extension are downloaded everyweek. It is a very good complement to a Firefoxdownload browser.