Fronteer Strategy Whitepaper - 9 Ways To Get Your Team Ready for Co-creation - presentation 2011

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9 Practical ways to overcome the organisational, social & psychological barriers to co-creation within your organisation by giving direction, motivating your team and leading change



2. A White Paper by Marieke Streefkerk, Fronteer Strategy Amsterdam, February 2011FRONTEERSTRATEGYINNOVATION.CO-CREATION.BRAND DEVELOPMENT. 3. 9 Ways to get your team ready for co-creation9 Practical ways to overcome the organisational, social &psychological barriers to co-creation within your organisationby giving direction, motivating your team and leading change3 4. Who will benetfrom reading this?Managers, CEOs or employees who know co-creation canadd value and who want to engage in it for the rst time.They dont know what barriers to expect - organisational,personal - and how to deal with them or solve them.4 5. If you want toco-create, beready tochangeImplementation ofco-creation results in achange process involvingpeople, operations, policyand culture. FRONTEER STRATEGY INNOVATION. CO-CREATION. BRAND DEVELOPMENT.5 6. People who manage to change havethree things in common, they...CHANGE ...have clear direction Direction (know where to go) are highly motivatedMotivation (genuinely want to go there) have a supportive environment Support (helps you get there)CHANGE 6 7. Implementing co-creation canresult in various barriers Changing Company Culture - from closed to open innovation modelOrganisational Psychological & Barriers Social Barriers Intellectual Property Inertia & fearof unknownComplex governance Lack of motivationShort-term focusTrust & Rewarding decisioninterdependence structure Not Invented Operations Here Syndrome 7 8. 9 Ways to get your teamready for co-creation...and overcome the various barriers 8 9. CHANGEDirection DirectionGo for Start with Shrink thedirectWhyChangeMotivationResult Motivation DiscoverCut the Do it the LeashTogether FeelingSupport SupportSet the Make it aGet theSceneHabit Board in CHANGE9 Ways model9 10. DirectionFRONTEERSTRATEGYINNOVATION.CO-CREATION.BRAND DEVELOPMENT. 10 11. Start with whywork with the same goal in mind& communicate it. FRONTEER STRATEGY INNOVATION. CO-CREATION. BRAND DEVELOPMENT. 11 12. Case Procter & Gamble is very clear about their co- creation goal: 50% of all product innovations have to come from outside of the company. This supports their higher purpose: they are a co-creating company that values the knowledge of others. By involving others, they can build better solutions.12 13. Shrink the Changeco-create in small steps andprovide balance. FRONTEER STRATEGY INNOVATION. CO-CREATION. BRAND DEVELOPMENT.13 14. CaseAchmeastarted co-creation in smallsteps. One project at a time,one department at a time, oneclient group at a time. Thisway, the company slowly gotused to the new approach.Now, co-creation is seen bymany Achmea employees asthe way we do things. Thesesame employees will probablybe responsible for spreading itfurther in the company.14 15. Go for direct resultstart the learning process with atangible & clear challenge. 15 16. Case KLM started co-creation on a very specic case, enabling them to search for specic knowledge outside their company. By keeping focused on thisFRONTEER challenge, the results were spot-on.STRATEGYINNOVATION.CO-CREATION.BRAND DEVELOPMENT. 16 17. MotivationFRONTEERSTRATEGYINNOVATION.CO-CREATION.BRAND DEVELOPMENT. 17 18. Cut the leashbe autonomous and show individual value (for the team) -everybody is part of the change process & solution 18 19. CaseGetronicsstimulated autonomousbehaviour by providing budgetfor all internal team-members ofthe co-creation project, enablingthem to actually implement theresults.Receiving this trust and carteblanche motivated one of theteam members to develop hisown iPhone application,something Getronics had neverdone before. FRONTEER STRATEGY INNOVATION. CO-CREATION. BRAND DEVELOPMENT. 19 20. Do it togethernd shared identity & get to knoweach other to create trust 20 21. CaseNokiahas many departmentsworldwide that are workingtogether to come up withsolutions in the eld ofAugmented Reality, creatingwhole new structuresthroughout the company.21 22. Discover the feeling go outside and bring the outside in.FRONTEERSTRATEGYINNOVATION.CO-CREATION.BRAND DEVELOPMENT. 22 23. Case Ducati opened its doors for very loyal consumers (or fans as they call it) that they spotted within their online community. These customers became active partners and were involved in the design process of the motorcycles.FRONTEERSTRATEGYINNOVATION.CO-CREATION.BRAND DEVELOPMENT. 23 24. SupportFRONTEERSTRATEGYINNOVATION.CO-CREATION.BRAND DEVELOPMENT.24 25. Set the scene new behaviour in a new environment, step away from business as usualFRONTEERSTRATEGYINNOVATION.CO-CREATION.BRAND DEVELOPMENT. 25 26. CaseLegoorganises many co-creationsituations. With LegoMindstorms, Lego empowersfans and employees to co-create both online and ofine. FRONTEER STRATEGY INNOVATION. CO-CREATION. BRAND DEVELOPMENT.26 27. Make it a habitincorporate it through theorganisation to make itnatural behaviour.FRONTEERSTRATEGYINNOVATION.CO-CREATION.BRAND DEVELOPMENT. 27 28. CaseUnileveruses a so called diffusionmodel to spread out their co-creation strategy throughoutthe organisation. FRONTEER STRATEGY INNOVATION. CO-CREATION. BRAND DEVELOPMENT.28 29. Get the board inmake sure they support co-creation and free time & budget 29 30. CaseSiemensmakes a strategic movetowards customerintimacy, led from above.The Chairman of the Boardbelieves that more andmore solutions will bedeveloped in cooperationwith customers. Ab van der Touw - Chairman30 of the Board at Siemens 31. Links & interesting reads Chip & Dan Heath, Switch: How to Change Things When Change Ison changeHard Harvard Business Review, 10 Must Reads on Changeon motivationDaniel Pink, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us Gabriela Aguirrezabal C., Development of a Co-creation Strategyon co-creation Tool, November 2009 Lewicki, Roy J. & Edward C. Tomlinson. "Trust and Trust Building." Beyond Intractability. Eds. Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess. Conicton trust Research Consortium, University of Colorado, Boulder. Posted: December 2003 31 32. FRONTEER Marieke StreefkerkSTRATEGY marieke@fronteerstrategy.comI N N OVAT I O N.C O - C R E AT I O N.Martijn PaterB R A N D D E V E L O P M E N T.