Fun Things to do in New York City During the Holidays

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DESCRIPTION | There simply is no place on Earth like New York City. It has been one of the most sought-after cities to live in due to its long standing reputation of taste, culture and opportunity. Lets look at some popular examples of what New York has to offer visitors during the end of the year.


  • 1. There simply is no place on Earth likeNew York City. It has been one of themost sought-after cities to live in due toits long-standing reputation of taste,culture and opportunity.Aside from the historic value of NewYork, the city is constantly movingforward in the latest cultural trends andsocial happenings in America.The density, diversity and excitement ofNew York is an everyday affair. Lets lookat some popular examples of what NewYork has to offer visitors during the endof the year.

2. New York in the fall has something for everybody to enjoy. The crisp and cooler days paint thecity in a gorgeous atmosphere of oranges, yellows and reds. A stroll around some of New YorkCitys famous parks can be a great way to catch a great view of the colorful fall foliage. Thesecan include Central Park, Green Belt and New York Botanical Garden, just to name a few. Fall isa great time to visit New York for events. Many famous events available in the fall include NewYork Fashion Week, Macys Thanksgiving Parade, the New York Film Festival, and much more. 3. Food Networks NYC Wine & Food Festival isan annual fall event in New York Citycelebrating one of the worlds greatestdining cities, all the while fighting to endworld hunger.Famous chefs and culinary icons meettogether to share their talents to presentand entertain new tastes in elegant style.The NYC Wine & Food Festival directsproceeds to hunger-relief programs andcommunity-based programs like Food BankFor New York City and No Kid HungryCampaign by Share Our Strengths. 4. Another fantastic annual event isNew Yorks Village HalloweenParade held every Halloweennight in Greenwich Village. Thisparade generally stretches overa mile-long, jammed pack withlive performance and music acts.More than 6,000 costumedcircus performers and artistscome together for a colorfulnighttime parade full of energyand activity.New Yorks Village HalloweenParade has been around foralmost 4 decades of festivecelebration. 5. Winter is a particularly magical time in New York City. The festive winter spirit of the city isdressed in snowfall, giving New York an ambience of intimacy and warmth throughout theseason. Visiting the citys famous performance theaters during the wintertime is a great way tocatch some of your favorite operas or Christmas plays with family and friends. Nothing quitebeats being in New York for the end of the year events. Other events can include the New YorkJewish Film Festival, The Orchid Show, and The Armory Show. 6. There arent many events in New York ascharming as the Rockefeller Centerslighting of the Christmas tree. The treeusually reaches from 69 to 100 feet talland has been erected every year since1933.The stature and detailed decoration of theRockefeller Center Christmas Tree is huge.The annual Tree Lighting Ceremonyattracts crowds from around the world,including celebrity visits.The Rockefeller Center also features anarray of festive events for some of thebest shopping and dining experiences inthe city. Whether youre searching for theperfect gift or having a romantic dinner inthe heart of the city, you can findeverything to do at Rockefeller Center. 7. The New York spirit of theater is alive andwell at Radio City Music Hall. One of thecitys most famous, brilliant andenchanting theaters available.Dedicated solely to the festivities ofwintertime, the Radio City ChristmasSpectacular is annual holiday musicalevent presented by Radio City Music Hall.As another one of New Yorks most iconicevents, the Christmas Spectacular hasbeen celebrated since 1933.Santa Claus partners with the Rockettesfor an energetic show of musical andperformance expertise. Full of dance,music and humor, it will certainly be anight to remember. 8. Locations One great charm about NYC isthe closeness of everything you need. Not tomention, New York has one of the best publictransportation systems in the world. No moretraffic jams or high gas prices.Culture Epicenter Anyone who isinterested in the world of arts and culturecan rest assured in New York City. Thebustling big apple has always remainedahead on the most recent concerts,performances, and other arts events fromaround the world.The Food New York City hosts some of theworlds most famous restaurants in theworld. Better yet, the range of diverse foodsand services in New York City is plenty nomatter what time it is. 9. Please call:(212) 223-4004Or visit: in 1978, Shleppers Moving & Storage has provided customerswith professional grade moving and storage solutions for all purposes.We are committed to delivering the highest standard of service, and areproud to be one of the leading moving companies in New York. Here atShleppers, we are proud to put the customer first, making yoursatisfaction our top priority in everything we do. Visit us today online tolearn more.