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Deze presentatie werd op 8 november 2011 gegeven aan de studenten MICA en PICA van Lessius Mechelen.

Text of Gamification Lessius Mechelen

  • 1. Gamification(holy grail or holy fail?)@lucgaloppin

2. WhyWhy? What? How? Who? not? Agenda 3. h-p:// Psychology Stimulus Responseh-p:// 4. SRC = Stimulus Response CompatibilityDefault options are stickyh-p:// People respond to feedback Expect error CHOICE ARCHITECTURE 5. A nudgeis any aspect of the choice architecture thatalters peoples behavior in a predictable way withoutforbidding options or significantly changing theireconomic incentives.h-p://www.crea? 6. Anatomy of a game:1. A goal2. Rules3. Feedback System4. Voluntary participation 7. Anatomy of motivation:1. Purpose2. Mastery3. Progression4. Autonomy 8. Stimulus Response Game dynamicsPsychologySRC = Stimulus Response Game mechanics Compatibility(game design)(Choice Architecture)Response Stimulus Motivation Architecture? Manupulation?Positive Psychology?Replacement? 9. WhyWhy? What? How? Who? not? Agenda 10. h-p:// 11. The use of game mechanics/dynamics todrive game-liked engagement and actionsin non-game environments (e.g. work,education, exercise, etc.)- Michael WuInventing new work and business practicesthat engage employees, customers and consumers as effectively as a good game.- Jane McGonigal The process of using game thinking and game mechanics to solve problems andengage users. - Gabe Zichermann 12. h-p:// 13. WhyWhy? What? How? Who? not? Agenda 14. SethPriebatsch(Scvngr) This is not a game yet. They should get points for doing this on time. You should lose points for not doing this on time. Theyshould recognize that they have built an appointment dynamicand then consciously leverage the game. 15. 1. Achievement 24. Lo-ery h-p:// 2. Appointment Dynamic 25. Loyalty 3. Avoidance 26. Meta Game 4. Behavioral Contrast 27. Micro Leader-boards 5. Behavioral Momentum 28. Modiers 6. Blissful Produc?vity 29. Moral Hazard of Game Play 7. Cascading Informa?on Theory 30. Ownership 8. Chain Schedules 31. Pride 9. Communal Discovery 32. Privacy 10. Companion Gaming 33. Progression Dynamic 11. Con?ngency 34. Ra?o Reward Schedules 12. Countdown 35. Real-?me v. Delayed Mechanics 13. Cross Situa?onal Leader-boards 36. Reinforcer 14. Disincen?ves 37. Response 15. Endless Games 38. Reward Schedules 16. Envy 39. Rolling Physical Goods 17. Epic Meaning 40. Shell Game 18. Ex?nc?on 41. Social Fabric of Games 19. Fixed Interval Reward Schedules 42. Status 20. Fixed Ra?o Reward Schedule 43. Urgent Op?mism 21. Free Lunch 44. Variable Interval Reward Schedules 22. Fun Once, Fun Always 45. Variable Ra?o Reward Schedule 23. Interval Reward Schedules 46. Viral Game Mechanics 47. Virtual Items 16. h-p:// 17. Source: Gabe Zicherman 18. h-p:// 19. Progression DynamicScoreboard Mechanic 20. h-p:// h-p:// 21. h-p:// 22. WhyWhy? What? How? Who? not? Agenda 23. YX Generation or ? 24. h-p:// 25. Spoiled Lack ofambitionSo what are youstanding for? 26. JaneMcGonigal(Reality is Broken)Games make us happy because they hard work that we are choose for ourselves. 27. h-p:// 28. h-p:// Happiness Hacking(positive psychology) 29. h-p:// 30. TrustMission matched with your levelChallenging (stretch) No sitting around Epic Story Positive feedback 31. WhyWhy? What? How? Who? not? Agenda 32. Killers are the most and most engaged member of the community. They are just expressing their behavior in a bad way. 33. Replacement & thelast word on intrinsic& extrinsicmotivationWhen tasks are directly tiedto material rewards, constantcalculation of the anticipatedpayoffs can diminish interestin the activity itself.Rewarding behaviour thatwould otherwise be done forfree can backfire. 34. WhyWhy? What? How? Who? not? Resources 35. Presenta?ons (my personal favorites) h-p:// innova?on-a-ve-year-forecast h-p:// digtali-surrey-science-of-gamica?onv03 h-p:// workshop-framework-slides h-p:// pa-erns-be-er-sonware-2011 h-p:// eec?ve-is-it h-p:// resilience-and-how-to-get-it-through-gameplay 36. Great Sources h-p://gamica? WIKI h-p://gamica? BLOG h-p:// Jane McGonigal 37. WhyWhy? What? How? Who? not? About:@lucgaloppin