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Get ready to compete Your guide to London 2012 business opportunities


  • 1. Useful links: UK Trade & Investment: London 2012: UK Trade & Investment is the Government organisationThe website of both the London Organising Committee that helps UK-based companies succeed in theof the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) and global economy. the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) provides useful information about London 2012's procurement process We also help overseas companies bring their and direct contract opportunities. high-quality investment to the UKs dynamic economy acknowledged as Europes best place from which to succeed in global business. OJEU: UK Trade & Investment offers expertise and contacts OJEU stands for the Official Journal of the European through its extensive network of specialists in the UK, Union (formerly known as OJEC). All contracts across and in British embassies and other diplomatic offices the EU from the public and private sector that are around the world. We provide companies with the tools valued above a certain threshold must be published they require to be competitive on the world stage. in the OJEU; this includes many of the direct contracts issued by London 2012. Smaller 2012 Games-related contracts will be listed on CompeteFor. CompeteFor: Get ready to compete CompeteFor is the chosen site of London 2012 for the publication of Games-related contract opportunities. It Tenders Electronic Daily (TED): Your guide to London 2012 business opportunities acts as a brokerage service between buyers throughout The online supplement to the Official Journal of the London 2012 supply chain, and potential suppliers. the European Union is dedicated to European Public Procurement and publishes calls for tenders, contract awards and pre-information notices. The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games offer enormous opportunities. Businesses of all sizes and from a wide range of sectors can benefit from direct procurement opportunities and their subsequent supply chain effects. The Games will also act as a catalyst to boost the development and economic performance of the UK and the businesses located here, long after the Closing Ceremony in 2012. The CompeteFor online service has been developed to ensure that the economic benefits of the 2012 Games are maximised for the business community. Published December 2008 by UK Trade & Investment Crown Copyright URN 08/1496

2. Join the competition Find a supplier CompeteFor is the chosen site of London 2012 for the CompeteFor has been developed by the English Regions CompeteFor is free of charge and any business canCompeteFor gives buyers instant access to a wide and publication of all Games-related contract opportunities. and Devolved Administrations, working closely with the take advantage of the online service as both a buyer diverse range of potential suppliers who have metLondon Organising Committee of the Olympic and CompeteFor is an online service accessed through the and supplier of Games-related goods and services.minimum requirements recommended by London 2012.Paralympic Games (LOCOG) and the Olympic Delivery London 2012 website ( Simply visit: Advertising your contract opportunities on CompeteForAuthority (ODA). It gives business access to London 2012 Games-relatedwill help you select the most appropriate suppliers for Register the basic details of your organisation on opportunities, acting as a brokerage service between For more information on CompeteFor visit:your business. CompeteFor and view current Games-related business buyers and potential suppliers throughout the supply or opportunities, news and events.CompeteFor helps you customise your contract chain. The service encourages equality of opportunitywww.competefor.comadvertisement by allowing you to: and provides Games-related business information.Become a supplieroutline the scope of your contract, including its To register as a supplier with CompeteFor, create anddescription, estimated value and submission deadline; publish a business profile. Building a profile is easy, itspecify the requirements of your contract using an only needs to be done once and will describe theeasy-to-use list of questions that you would like capacity of your business to potential buyers. Once youranswered by potential suppliers; profile is published, you will be automatically notifiedcustomise your contract by entering up to 25 of relevant Games-related opportunities that you canadditional free text yes or no questions; apply for.tailor your contract further by weighting the Some information you will be asked to provide is:importance of each question and electing which your business turnover and number of employees;questions will make up the essential criteria of the value of your public liability insurance,your contract; employees liability insurance and professionalgenerate a shortlist of suppliers to manage through indemnity insurance (if appropriate);your normal procurement process and your company registration number and VAT post the winning supplier back on CompeteFor number (if registered);so others can review and more opportunities can the value of the largest-size contract you havebe generated. previously managed;For assistance in registering your organisation as a the date when your business started trading;supplier or buyer of Games-related business the forecasted turnover of your organisationopportunities, contact the CompeteFor Help Desk on for this financial year;+44 (0)845 217 7804. marketing text that best promotes your business and ownership and employee-diversity information about your organisation.