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  • Welcome to Grace Properties DFW

  • Sell Your Home FastBefore you sell your home, you should evaluate all of your options. There are many different ways to sell a home in todays market but unfortunately, most investors and REALTORS arent educated about them all.

    Some options are fast, some are cheap, and some are easy. Your goals will help determine which options will be better for you than others.

    If you are interested in exploring the best options for your particular situation, we would be happy to help you evaluate your situation and present you with multiple offers that will meet your needs.

  • We Buy Your HouseOwner financing is one of the best ways to sell your home faster and for top dollar.

    To understand owner financing, its easiest to compare it to renting without many of the downsides. The buyers will make their mortgage payment to the seller and the deed will be transferred to the buyer giving them full home ownership and the pride that comes with it.

    Owner financing eliminates many of the financing fees you encounter in a conventional loan which can result in one of two things: It can provide the seller with a larger down payment or save the buyer from having to come up with so much money out of pocket if they are working on a tight budget.

  • Sell Your House with GraceNeed to sell your house? We have options.

    No matter what your situation might be, we can present you with offer(s) to buy your houseNOW! Our goal is to come up with an offer that will meet your needs and we will work with you to create a solution that is beneficial to everyone.

    Get your house sold fast and walk away smiling.

    Please take a few minutes to tell us all about your house and your situation. Well review your information and contact you to discuss a solution that will work for you. All information provided is confidential.

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