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Five days of executive-style training program to prepare for the certification exam of Global Professional in HR (GPHR)Powerful educational program for HR Professionals with cross-border HR management responsibilities which will provide the required tools to evaluate their competency level in global HR practices and acquire the needed critical knowledge and skills to support international projects and joint ventures. This certification preparation program shall use the latest SHRM Global Learning System, an important reference guide for International HR professionals responsible for global HR assignments.For more information and registration, please contact:EMPOWER Management Consulting LLCGHRM@EmpowerMC.comPhone (+974) 4411-7561Mobile (+974) 5586-1741P.O. Box 11537 Doha, State of Qatar


  • 1.Global HR Management(Middle East Edition) GPHR CertificationPreparation Program September 26, 2010

2. EMPOWER Management Consulting LLCGlobalization Worldwide movement of businesses to expand beyond their domestic borders with growing interconnectedness and interdependency of Countries, People, and Companies. Key drivers of globalization are the free market economy and unobstructed movement of people across borders: Search for new markets, Increased cost pressures, Shortage of labor supply and needed skills, Shortfalls of natural resources and raw materials, Government incentives to attract Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) andpromote global Joint Ventures. Trade Agreements with economic provisions to open up markets andincrease the flow of international trade.2 3. EMPOWER Management Consulting LLCGlobalization Impact on HR Management Globalization has been the defining political force and economic drive in the business world today, and consequently, HR Management has significantly changed, expanding across territories and cultures. The responsibilities of HR Management Professionals had expanded to include global strategies and multi-national accountabilities. International HR professionals are now required to be prepared to assume responsibilities beyond local borders and possess the capability to develop global HR policies and processes. Global HR Management Program (GHRM) is valued in the MENA region due to the comprehensive knowledge gained from extensive experience in the international HR field as well as forward-thinking HR best practices, policies, and procedures that are introduced to all executive-level HR professionals to effectively perform their job duties.3 4. EMPOWER Management Consulting LLCCertification Preparation Program GPHR certification preparation program provides International HR Professionals with the required tools to assess their competency level in global HR practices and evaluate the needed critical knowledge and skills to manage international HR Projects. The Program, designed by EMPOWER Management Consulting LLC, is powerful training tool for HR Professionals based in the Middle East with global and cross-border HR Management responsibilities. This certification preparation program will use the latest SHRMs Global Learning System, which is a very important reference guide for International HR professionals responsible for global assignments. The Program has been designed to maximize your success, both for the exam and your ongoing professional development in the Global HR Management spectrum. 4 5. EMPOWER Management Consulting LLCWhy GPHR Certificate? Earning impressive professional credentials such as Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR) shall increase your professional confidence because you would master the global body of knowledge and can apply the core international HR management practices including global HR policies, procedures, and processes. Maintaining GPHR certification shows that you have demonstrated mastery of the international HR body of knowledge and have accepted the ongoing challenge to stay informed of new developments in the international HR field. GPHR Certificate provides greater opportunities for job promotions and salary increase within International Organizations. GPHR Certificate sets you apart from your peers as competent Global HR Professional when applying for new career opportunities. 5 6. EMPOWER Management Consulting LLCWhy SHRM Global Learning System? The new SHRM Global Learning System (2010 Edition) is a comprehensive test-preparation self-study materials for the GPHR certification exam and serves as a reference tool for international HR professionals with global HR management responsibilities. This system has been designed to maximize experience, education, and skills that provides the best opportunity to pass the GPHR exam. The SHRM Global Learning System is the most widely used GPHR certification preparation product in the marketplace. One of the reasons for its success is the careful process by which the program is developed and maintained. The Global Learning System provides international HR executives with the necessary knowledge, skills, and worldwide perspectives to be successful in the global business environment. 6 7. EMPOWER Management Consulting LLCProgram ObjectivesBy the end of this program, Participants shall: Have a comprehensive understanding of Global HR Management Framework. Learn the importance of strategic HR management for international organizations. Understand the concept of Global Organizational Effectiveness. Be able to manage Global Staffing campaigns. Acquire comprehensive knowledge of Global Compensation and Benefits practices. Be able to administer International Assignments. Be prepared to deal with International Employee Relations and comply with all related Laws, Legal Mandates, and Regulations.7 8. EMPOWER Management Consulting LLC Who Should AttendThis program is designed for HR Professionals with at least two years of executive-level experience whose responsibilities include: Implementing global HR strategies. Managing overseas HR operations. Managing international assignments. You should attend if you are: Taking the GPHR Certification Exam. Considering credits for GPHR Recertification. Seeking career development by advancing your hands-on professional experience. Upgrading your knowledge in Global HR Management. 8 9. EMPOWER Management Consulting LLCLearning System Description Society for HR Management (SHRM) assembled a team of global HR Professionals and course development Experts from the USA to create Global HR Learning System. SHRM Global Learning System is comprehensive test preparation curriculum for the Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR) certification exam which is conducted and officially administered by the HR Certification Institute (HRCI). This system contains various interactive e-learning features and shall provide participants with an enjoyable and meaningful integrated learning experience. SHRM Global Learning System is designed for HR practitioners with at least two years of International HR Management experience.9 10. EMPOWER Management Consulting LLCLearning Materials Five printed modules based on the HR Certification Institute body of knowledge tested on the GPHR exam. Each module includes a comprehensive book that explains key terms, leading principles, and practical examples, and contains a number of charts and checklists that can be quickly accessed and learned. Primary focus of SHRM Global Learning System is the global application of HR management practices and processes. Interactive questions and learning activities that are tied to the books with icons linking to the interactive exercises. Activities also provide practice for the GPHR certification exam. Learning system materials are designed and built from the same test specifications used to create the GPHR certification exam and contains online sample tests based on such test requirements. 10 11. EMPOWER Management Consulting LLCLearning ModulesSHRM Global Learning System:Module 1: Strategic HR ManagementModule 2: Global Talent Acquisition and MobilityModule 3: Global Compensation and BenefitsModule 4: Org Effectiveness and Talent DevelopmentModule 5: Workforce Relations and Risk Management Important Notes: Basic HR practices such as recruitment, compensation, benefits, training, and legal compliance will be covered briefly. Each module has a case study that demonstrates how the content is practically applied in real-world situations. The modules correspond to the domains of the GPHR certification body of knowledge.11 12. EMPOWER Management Consulting LLC Module 1 Strategic Human Resources Management How to develop global HR strategies to support the organization's short-and long-term business goals and corporate values. Key topics and issues include: Creating the organizations global strategy. Aligning HR processes and activities with theorganizations global strategy Adapting processes to the cultural and legalcontexts of each area of the global organization. Enhancing communication between theorganization and its stakeholders. Ensuring that the HR function possesses theknowledge and resources to fulfill global role.12 13. EMPOWER Management Consulting LLCModule 2Global Talent Acquisition and Mobility Development, implementation, and evaluation of global staffing strategies to support organizational objectives. This includes recruitment and global mobility of employees to meet business needs. Key topics and issues include: Legislation affecting Talents acquisition Developing strategies of global Talentsacquisition and mobility Evaluating strategies to ensure that they makesignificant contributions to the organization. Development and implementation of globalstaffing plans and processes 13 14. EMPOWER Management Consulting LLC Module 3 Global Compensation and Benefits The establishment and ongoing assessment of a global remuneration strategy, including perquisite programs aligned with the companys business objectives. Key topics and issues include: Complying with local compensation practices,laws, and regulations. Employees values and expectations stemmingfrom differences in cultures, languages, andcommunication preferences. Dealing with different standards and costs ofliving, inflation/deflation rates, and tax systems Addressing organizational business changes(expansions, mergers, acquisitions, and JVs) 14 15. EMPOWER Management Consulting LLCModule 4 Org Effectiveness and Talents Development Design and implementation of organizational structures, programs and processes to effectively develop and engage a global workforce aligned with the organizations business needs, culture and values. Key topics and issues include: HRD planning in global culture Global organizational development issues Performance Management of local an